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Mitchell, David through Pelham, Laura
Alabama Archives, Microfilm S2002.0049

Mitchell, David--1906

Mitchell, David--1896-1905

Moore, Sarah E. (Moore, Lena E., Moore, Wyatt, A., Moore, Viney A., Moore, Lee)--1898-1900

Moore, W. H.--12 May 1902

Moorman, Jacob (Moorman, Charles E.)--23 July 1906

Mosley, W. A.--20 August 1896  

Mosley, Robert M., (Mosley, Fletcher L.), application for Administrator of the estate of Robert M. Mosley--25 February 1911

Mounger, Hiram, (Buford, Thomas)--1860 -

Mounger, Hiram--14 October 1867

Mounger, Hiram (Mounger, Walter S)--1838-1872

Napper, E. C. (Napper, P. F., Napper, A. W.)--1908

Nell, William (Nell, Frank, Nell, Almeda, Nell, Charles, Tuttle, Anna Nell, Nell, John, Stang, Rose Nell, Holtzman, Mary Nell),--1912

Newburn, John (Newborn, Mary)--1893

Noack, Albion--1907-1913

Norman, William L.--1840-1845

Odom, Martha--1857

Onderdonk, B. H. (Onderdonk, John R., Onderdonk, Benjamin L., Onderdonk, Henry A.), Box 5 File 39--1898-1900

Orso, James M., Box 5 File 40--1900

Orso, John Hinson, Box 5 File 41--1883

Page, Margaret (Sullivan, G. W.), Box 5, File 42--1907-1907

Palmer, Dabney, Box 5 File 43--1905

Palmer, James A. (Palmer, William W., Koen, Elizabeth)--1845-1906

Parker, ---,--1850

Pate, Thomas T. (Pate, Jesse J., Evans, James)--1900

Payne, Wm. A.--1901

Peaster, J. B.--1900

Pelham, Elizabeth A.--1858-1861

Pelham, Laura (Pelham, Joseph, Pelham, James)--1839

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