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Camellia Cemetery
Mobile County, Alabama

I started the trip to this cemetery at the Alabama State Line on Highway 98 coming from Lucedale, Mississippi. You will stay on highway 98 east for 9.2 miles,
where you will see Camellia Missionary Baptist Church on your right. The church cemetery is located directly behind the church building. The cemetery was in
good condition and is surrounded by a chain link fence. You should obtain permission to visit this cemetery from the church.
Jimmy Trussell walked the cemetery on the 23rd of January 2009, and information was taken from headstone inscriptions.
There were a few unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Bozeman, Pheaba (Carr); b. 03-24-1914, d. 01-01-1992

Busby, George Merrill; b. 07-06-1911, d. 09-17-1981, “Gone Home”

Busby, Mary (Freeman); b. 01-26-1915, d. 04-28-1995, “At Rest”

Carter, Reverend Edsol Ford; b. 10-10-1928, d. 01-19-1995, h/o Bessie Louise

Christie, Margaret E.; b. 05-18-1912, d. 09-23-1986

Christopher, Buddy Nelson; b. 05-01-1939, d. 04-04-1993, “Our Beloved Father and Friend”

Christopher, Pearl G; b. 07-29-1914, d. 06-16-1994, w/o Woodrow

Christopher, Ruby (Lee); b. 01-22-1917, d. 08-26-1997

Christopher, William H; b. 01-14-1909, d. 12-03-1997, “Bill”

Christopher, Woodrow W; b. 11-19-1912, d. 07-03-1987, h/o Pearl

Davis, Cleveland; b. 03-31-1901, d. 03-20-1973, “Father”

Davis, Georgia M; b. 04-26-1902, d. 08-24-1982, “Mother”

Davison, Helen M; b. 09-25-1924, d. 08-11-2001

Davison, Louis F (Sr.); b. 12-11-1915, d. 08-22-2003, h/o Helen

Davison, Louis Felix; b. 08-05-1943, d. 10-15-2000

Dearmon, Jesse; b. 05-07-1910, d. 01-04-1973, Alabama – Pfc. US Army WW-2

Dearmon, Morris Eugene; b. 09-04-1925, d. 01-12-1989, “He Served Well”

Dearmon, Sarah (Dees); b. 07-08-1910, d. 02-25-1985, w/o Jesse

Dearmon, Susan; d. 08-06-1966, infant grave

Dees, Clarissa V; b. 03-10-1893, d. 05-28-1981, Rest is Yours, Sweet Memory Ours

Estes, Jacqueline Delois; b. 08-01-1941, d. 09-18-1941, i/d/o/ Enoch & Vernice Estes

Estes, Vernice L; b. 03-06-1915, d. 11-02-1995, w/o Willie Enoch

Estes, Willie Enoch; b. 07-24-1910, d. 09-19-1976, h/o Vernice

Eubanks, Edna W; b. 08-24-1933, d. 10-08-1993

Everitte, Miya Lynn; b. 04-27-1980, d. 05-27-1980, infant grave

Ford, Henry “Hugh”; b. unknown, d. 12-25-2008

Fulton, Leona H; b. 10-16-1916, d. 08-23-1991, w/o Otis E. Fulton

Fulton, Otis E; b. 02-23-1902, d. 01-02-1977, h/o Leona

Gartman, Lindy; b. 04-09-1926, d. 03-16-1974

Gartman, Thomas Miller; b. 09-09-1923, d. 02-23-2006, Cpl., US Army, WW-2

Gilmore, Ora (Hall); b. 06-10-1895, d. 10-03-1987, “Beloved Wife and Mother”

Gilmore, Preston B; b. 03-11-1893, d. 02-11-1968, “Beloved Husband and Father”

Glover, James M; b. 01-10-1917, d. 01-07-1983, h/o Eva, “Asleep in Jesus”

Hall, Justin Otto; b. 07-11-1908, d. 10-14-1993, h/o Dorothy

Hamilton, Ionia (Tanner); b. 11-10-1906, d. 03-06-1968, “Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep”

Hamilton, Reverend Ray W; b. 06-10-1894, d. 03-25-1972, “Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep”

Howell, Cazzle L; b. 02-12-1889, d. 11-09-1965, “Where the Flowers Bloom Forever”

Howell, Crystal Dawn; b. 12-21-1978, d. 02-16-2006, “Daughter”, Our Hearts are with You Forever”

Howell, Farris; b. 12-23-1932, d. 10-03-2000, h/o Nellie Sue

Howell, Mary (Clayton); b. 11-06-1900, d. 08-03-1967, “Faithful to Her Trust, Even Unto Death”

Howell, Reverend J. Wilson; b. 08-05-1928, d. 03-05-1983

Kelley, Ada Mae; b. 03-24-1907, d. 04-27-1992, “Mother”, At Rest

Kelley, Cletis C; b. 01-24-1904, d. 01-08-1975, “Father”, At Rest

King, John Cecil; b. 05-17-1919, d. 07-21-2004, Sgt. US Army, WW-2

King, Marie (Duke); b. 08-25-1926, d. 04-30-2002

Maples, Gladys D; b. 12-22-1911, d. 05-12-1992, w/o Walter

Maples, Thomas Dennis; b. 12-27-1934, d. 03-13-1988, h/o Joann

Maples, Walter D; b. 08-24-1910, d. 05-08-1974, h/o Gladys

Mays, Donald Kenneth; b. 01-10-1927, d. 01-29-2007, “Reverend Mays”, AAM3 US Navy

McAnally, Billy Winston Dobs; b. 08-22-1955, d. 07-03-1976, He is not dead, Just Away

McAnally, Marion Olus (Logan); b. 03-29-1922, d. 07-19-1995, “We Love You – Minniemama”

McLellan, Hilda Bernice; b. 07-24-1926, d. 02-20-1994, “Nanny”

Miller, Elvin; b. 03-01-1922, d. 11-06-2005, Pfc., US Army, WW-2

Miller, Ila (Howell); b. 01-27-1923, d. 08-10-2002, w/o Elvin

Morris, Sandra Kay; b. 09-14-1950, d. 08-20-1972, “At Rest”

O’Mary, David E; b. 05-16-1898, d. 12-24-1978, “In Loving Memory”

Parden, Carl Gene; b. 06-20-1955, d. 10-07-1978, “An Inspiration to all who knew him”

Parden, Mattie Floyd; b. 03-20-1905, d. 05-28-1978, “Into Thy Hand”

Parden, Mattie Lue; b. 01-28-1910, d. 02-25-1992, “Into Thy Hand”

Richards, Earlean; b. 02-09-1947, d. 01-24-2002, “In Loving Memory”

Roberts, Lottie M; b. 12-02-1929, d. 09-06-1994, w/o Joe M. Roberts

Sanders, Breanna Faith; d. 03-16-2005, infant grave, “No Tears Past the Gate”

Shoemake, Reverend William Chester; b. 10-08-1922, d. 09-11-1989, “Humble Servant of God”, II Tim. 4, vs. 7 & 8

Tanner, Margaret (Jennings); b. 01-28-1926, d. 10-12-2006, w/o Olen W. Tanner

Taylor, Minnie M; b. 06-26-1920, d. 02-27-1985

Washam, Billy R; b. 11-14-1943, d. 01-06-1977, “I Miss You, Darling”

Washam, Margaret; b. 01-31-1913, d. 08-28-1999, “Gone but Not Forgotten”

Washam, William Earl; b. 05-21-1903, d. 08-30-1965, “Gone but Not Forgotten”

Whittington, Thomas Lane (Sr.); b. 09-16-1946, d. 12-22-1993

Woodham, Hilda M; b. 03-03-1943, d. 03-17-1993, w/o Alan

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