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Information submitted by his great-granddaughter: Lois Reed, Reed1229@aol.com
Benton Reede Horton was born July 30, 1831 in Mt. Hope, Lawrence County, Alabama.  B. R. first entered service during the Civil War as a private in
April 1861 at Mobile, Alabama in Confederate Gds. under Capt. Hooper Home Gds. continued until 1862, detailed Confederate Navy, worked on Rams Baltic
and Tennessee at Mobile.  He re-enlisted as Private in April 1862 at Mobile in Co. D 24 Alabama Infantry and continued until 1863, detailed sharpshooter under
General Bragg.  B. R. was injured in April 1864, ordered to hospital in Mobile and sent home to Springhill, Mobile, Alabama.  He was left crippled from injury
received during combat.  Information obtained from book "Alabama Soldier's of Civil War".  Line no. 185.
Information in B. R. Necrological (Death Notice) states; he was in Civil War, went to front as a member of the Fifteenth Regiment and served two years, returning home crippled.
A request in B. R. last will and testament ask his administrator to purchase a lot in Catholic Cemetery at Springhill, Mobile, Alabama where he desires to be buried. 
Crenshaw Undertaking Co., Mobile, Al. handled arrangements.
B. R. was a big man, 6 ft. 4 in. tall.  He had red hair and a red beard.  B. R. owned and operated a mercantile store with a saloon and livery stable in the Springhill
area of Old Shell Rd. and McGregor Ave.  After B. R. death in 1910, his son John W. Horton continued operating grocery and stables until his death in 1927.
In the 1930's the store and property was sold to Greer's Grocery.
When Benton became a member of the Catholic Church he was baptized with the Christian name "Benjamin".  He used the name Benjamin on many of his legal papers.
He also used the name Reed, Benton and B. R. Horton.
B. R. wife, Elizabeth Ann Richardson Horton, died 19 August 1919 and is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery..
In my research of the Horton ancestral line I find we descend from Joseph Horton, born in England.  In 1635, Joseph Horton, wife Mary and their sons, Barnabus, Thomas and Jeremiah
came to America in a vessel named the "Swallow".

Virginia Cazalas

Information submitted by: Anne Godwin, AzaleaMom@aol.com

Virginia Cazalas--Born: Before 30 November 1805, Died: 30 November 1897
    Descendants of Virginia Bouvet:

Generation No. 1
1.  VIRGINIA1 BOUVET1 was born Bef. November 30, 1805 in France, and died November 30, 1897.
She married (1) JEAN BATISTE VICTOR RODET.  He was born Bef. 1803. 
She married (2) FRANCOIS JOSEPH CAZALAS September 09, 1842 in Mobile, Alabama, son of JEAN CAZALAS and JEANNE-MARIE DELHOM.  He was born in France, and died November 1860 in Mobile, Alabama.
Burial: December 01, 1897, Spring Hill College Cemetery
     i. VICTORINE RODET, b. Abt. 1823; d. March 06, 1888, Mobile, Alabama; m. BARINCOU.
        More About VICTORINE RODET:
        Burial: Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama
     ii. JEAN BATISTE VICTOR RODET, JR, b. Bef. July 11, 1829, New Orleans, Louisiana; d. July 11, 1860, Mobile, Alabama.
    iii. MELAZIE RODET, b. Bef. February 27, 1830, New Orleans, Louisiana; d. February 27, 1913, Mobile, Alabama.
     iv. JOHN BATISTE CAZALAS, b. January 20, 1843.
            More About JOHN BATISTE CAZALAS:
            Military service: Murphy's Batallion Alabama Cavalry Private
     v. LOUIS CAZALAS, b. January 20, 1843.
            More About LOUIS CAZALAS:
            Military service: 21st Infantry, Alabama Regiment Private
     vi. INFANT CAZALAS, b. January 19, 1844; d. 1844.
            More About INFANT CAZALAS:
            Baptism: Records of Cathedral
     vii. LOUISE CELINE CAZALAS, b. November 01, 1847, Mobile, AL; m. AUGUSTE BARINCOU.
            More About LOUISE CELINE CAZALAS:
            Baptism: January 30, 1848, Cathedral records Page 41, No 200
    viii. VICTORINE MADELINE CAZALAS, b. October 10, 1848, Mobile, Alabama; d. June 18, 1918, Mobile, Alabama.
    ix. FRANK(FRANCOIS) ARNAUD CAZALAS, SR., b. July 13, 1849, Mobile, AL; d. June 22, 1918, Mobile, AL Vol 29 Roll 1 Page 141.  Obituary: One Two
    x. ROSE CAZALAS, b. 1856. m. John Kelly, Mobile, Alabama, Book #26, Page #708

Information On Tosh Family

Information submitted by: Debbie Wood, dawbusybee@gmail.com
Peter Tosh & Mary Jane Collins were md. on 23 Sept 1846 in Mobile County.  The
1860 census shows their two living children as of that date. Their full names were:
Eleanor Louise Tosh (b. abt 1848 in Mobile), & Mary Jane Tosh (b. abt 1853). The
oldest daughter, Eleanor Louise, went often by the name of "Louisa".
From the new discovery of the John Nicholas Tosh stone at the
Spring Hill Parish Cemetery, we learned that this family had a little boy, John
Nicholas Tosh, who died at age 2. He was born in-between the two girls. His stone
reads: "To Memory of John Nicholas son of Peter and Mary Jane Tosh he died August
1__ 1853 aged 2 years 7 months and 13 days". So this would put his calculated
birthdate at about January 1851.

Peter Tosh imigrated with his parents as a minor child) sometime between the years
1826 - 1832. His parents were John & Mary Ann (Lucas) Tosh. Mary Ann's stone is
also at the Spring Hill Cemetery under her 2nd married name: Mary Ann Flannery. The
stone states that she was born in Koenigsburg, Alsace, France. The curious thing is
that Koenigsburg is a name of a famous castle in Alsace, but there is no town of
Koenigsburg, so I'm still working on the research on this. Perhaps she came from a
town right next to the castle? I don't know. I had suspected that this family
immigrated from Alsace when my research came across another Tosh individual in
Mobile that immigrated from from Alsace. My guess is that Peter Tosh was born in
Alsace, France, but I have no document to prove that yet.

Peter's father, John Tosh, died in October of 1839. I have his will and a newspaper
notice of his death but no record of where he is buried. But the fact that his wife
and grandchild were both buried at the Spring Hill Parish Cemetery leads me to
believe that he is probably buried in that cemetery as well and hopefully his wife
was buried next to him!

John & Mary Tosh had at least 5 children. They are:
1. Peter Tosh (b. abt 1826 in France)
2. Nicholas Tosh (not sure whether born in France or not)
3. Julian Tosh (b. abt 1830-1834 in Alabama)
4. Margaret Tosh (b. abt 1836 in Alabama)
5. Mary Ann Tosh (b. abt 1837 in alabama)

Nicholas Tosh is the only child I have not been able to locate on a census record.
However, he is listed as a minor child in this family in a deed document dated 9 May
1842. The children in the family listed in the deed document as minor children
were: Peter, Nicholas, Julian, Margaret & Mary Ann Tosh. There was also another
child listed, a John Lucas. I suspect that John Lucas was a relative on the
mother's LUCAS side of the family. In this deed document, Bedo Baptiste is named as
Trustee for the Tosh children to see to their clothing, maintenance and education.
I haven't found family connection to Bedo Baptiste so I suspect that he was a close
and trusted family friend.

Peter's mother, Mary Ann Tosh, remarried after her first husband's death to William
Flannary (or Flannery) in 1844. I believe that this 2nd husband also must have died
not long after, because Mary is found as head of her household in the 1850 census.
I know almost nothing about this second husband and haven't been able to find his
grave either. I also checked all the city directories for the time period but could
not find him in the directories.

Only the two girls, Margaret & Mary Ann Tosh outlived their mother, who died in
November of 1875. Margaret married Conrad Pettroff (25 Feb 1854) and Mary Ann
married Charles F. Walker (1 Dec 1859). All of the sons had died before 1875. I
think that Nicholas Tosh died young. Julian Tosh was a soldier in the Civil War.
My guess is that he died in the war. And the oldest son, Peter Tosh was a merchant
and trader. He lived on Spring Hill. He owned some slaves and bought and sold
land. He became naturalized as a U. S. citizen. He also served in the Civil War as
a Sargeant in the City Troope of the Alabama Militia. His militia acted in a
military police role around the city of Mobile. He died of a mortal stab wound in a
confrontation in October 1865 with a man named John C. C. Carroll in the Ten-Pin
Alley of Pievee's Bar near the Old Market in Mobile. Carroll was later found not
guilty of the charge of manslaughter. I have the newspaper accounts of the stabbing
and of the court trial. (It's very interesting). I have not been able to locate the
grave of Peter Tosh. But I believe that he is probably buried next to his infant
son at the Spring Hill Parish Cemetery. His mother was later buried in the same

Peter Tosh's wife, Mary Jane Tosh remarried 6 months after her husband's death to
John Hempfling on 5 April 1866. The couple were married at St. Joseph's Catholic
church (I believe in downtown Mobile) by a Jesuit Catholic Priest.

Peter's daughter, Eleanor Louise Tosh married Waller Thompson on 4 Dec 1868. They
were married at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile. Waller
Thompson came from a well educated and well to do family. His father was Drury
Thompson, who was Clerk of the County Court for some years. The Thompsons were also
closely related to the Honorable Judge, Alexander Mckinstry. Waller opened a law
practice in Mobile. But unfortunately, his rising career was cut short when he died
of tuberculosis on 6 Dec 1876. He was just 39 years old. He was buried in Magnolia
Cemetery next to his two infant children that preceeded him in death (Bernadine &
Ignatius Drury Thompson). His wife, Eleanor Louise Tosh is found in 1878 as being
in the business of selling cigars and tobacco on Dauphin St. But, by 1880 Eleanor,
herself was also suffering from tuberculosis. In ill health she brought her two
daughters, Laura Fitzhugh Thompson age 11 yrs and Eleanor Elizabeth Thompson, aged 9
yrs old, to the Church Home for Orphans run by the Episcopal Church. She could no
longer care for her children and turned them over to the care of the orphanage. She
died at the City Hospital on 5 Mar 1880 of tuberculosis. (Curiously, the TOSH family
were catholic, but the THOMPSON family were Episcopalians. The girls, although
baptized Catholic, were placed in an Episcopalian orphanage). The oldest child,
Laura Fitzhugh Thompson is my husband's great-grandmother. She moved to Atlanta,
Georgia and lived & raised her family there (and died in 1964). Her sister,
Eleanor, settled later in New Orleans after her marriage (and died in Metairie, LA
in 1965).

Peter Tosh's other daughter, Mary Jane Tosh did not fare so well either.
She married quite young, at about 16 to Charles Hosfelt, a butcher, 24 or 25 years old.
The couple were married on 7 Oct 1869. The marriage license states that the girl was authorized to marry by consent
of her mother. After their marriage Charles and Mary Jane Hosfelt lived next door
to Mary's mother and step-father (John Hempfling) in 1870 (found on the 1870
census). Mary and Charles Hosfelt had one daughter born to them in about 1871. She
too, was named Mary. It appears that Charles Hosfelt then left his wife and
daughter soon after. In very ill health and probably in desperation, Mary sold her
part of the property which she inherited from her father, Peter Tosh, to her sister
Eleanor L. Thompson for $500 in May 1876. The deed record states that Mary Jane
Hosfeldt was in very bad health and unable to provide herself with even the
necessaries of life or medicines, and that her husband Charles Hosfeldt had lived
apart and separate from her for about 4 years and he failed to provide for her. In
order to provide for herself, it was necessary for her to sell her part of the
inherited land to her sister. The estate papers for Mary Jane Hosfelt's mother,
state that Mary Jane was still living when she received $10 of inheritance money
from her grandmother's (Mary Ann Flannery) estate in 1877. Her daughter, young
Mary Hosfelt is found in the 1880 census living with Frank & Louisa Hemly of
Napoleanville. Louisa Hemly was originally a Hosfelt. It seems this family took
the little girl in. (She grew up and married Weston F. Tucker). The absent father
is found on the 1880 census as living in Texas (and still working as a butcher)with
a Mulatto wife and several step-children. So I assume that his first wife, Mary
Jane Hosfelt, having been in ill health was deceased by 1880. (Her name appears as

I have this week been working on transcribing the estate papers of the immigrant
mother -- Mary Ann (Lucas)Tosh Flannery. Her tombstone reads that the stone was
erected by her devoted daughter, "M. P.". This would stand for "Margaret Petroff".
Margaret married Conroad Pettroff. Conrad Pettroff was the executor for Mary Ann
Flannery's estate. The papers state that she had only 2 surviving children --
Margaret (Petroff) and Mary Ann (Walker). She also had 2 surviving grandchildren
through her son Peter Tosh -- Eleanor Thompson & Mary Jane Hosfelt. The estate was
divided up between the 2 daughters and $10 each was a small legacy given to each of
the 2 grandchildren. Mary Ann Flannery did not have many wordly goods by the time
of her death (some farm animals, wagon, carriage, etc.) in 1875, but she did have
some property on Spring Hill that was divided and inherited by her daughters. Mary
Ann Flannery was buried at the Spring Hill Parish Cemetery. She was buried in a
rosewood coffin and was carried by a first class hearse to the cemetery.

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