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(Also referred to as Springhill Parish Cemetery)
Located on the campus of Spring Hill College, behind Viragh Hall
Old Shell Road, Mobile County, Alabama
N 30º41.740'  W 088º08.178'
Surveyed 29 April 2006
updated 04 May 2010

Because Spring Hill College is constructing a parking lot around the cemetery, a GPR study was done by Ronnie Hyer at no cost to the college to show that the parking lot
would not interfere with the cemetery.
Map showing results of the GPR.

Anyone who would like to contribute information would be greatly appreciated.

Horton, Benton (Benjamin) Reede (Reed)--Born: 30 July 1831, Died: 08 March 1910 **Click for more information** Pic 2
    Married Elizabeth A. Richardson in Mobile, Alabama on 15 November 1856, Book #15, Page #127. Filed for divorce in Mobile, Alabama 1888,  case #04717
    1907 Confederate Census

Flannery, Mary Ann--Born: 1795 in Koenigsburg, Alsace, Died: 28 November 1875 Pic 2
    Obituary:  28 November 1875

Welsh, Ellen--Born: 1866, Died: 1881
Welsh, James--Born: 1825, Died: 1885
Welsh, Bridget(Dwyer)--Born: 1833, Died: 1908 Wife of James Welsh, Married in Mobile, Alabama on 11 November 1865, Book #21, Page #108 (Married with the spelling "Welch")  
    Death Certificate:
Volume #7, Certificate #60, Mobile County, Alabama
    Obituary:  07 November 1908
Welsh, John J.--Born: 1872, Died: 1940 (Died 05 May 1940) 
    Picture of John J. Welsh (**submitted by Helen Welsh, granddaughter of John Welsh**)
    Death Certificate:
Volume #25, Certificate #12327, Mobile County, Alabama
    Obituary:  06 May 1940
Nelson, John B.--Born: a. 1846, Died: 21 June 1870 (Aged 24 years and 6 months) Pic 2
    Married Virginia St. Lawrence 11 November 1868, Mobile County, Alabama, Book #23, Page #543

Tosh, John Nicholas--Died: 01 August 1853, Aged 2 years 6 months and 13 days (Son of Peter and Mary Jane Tosh)
    Information On Tosh Family

Ellermann, Hermina(Fricke)--Born: 15 February 1852, Died: 20 November 1878 (Married William Ellerman in Mobile, Alabama on 29 January 1870, Book #24, Page #247) Pic 2

Jeffries, Wm. Wyndham--Born: 22 May 1840, Died: 16 July 1852, Aged 12 years 1 month and 24 days Pic 2
    Notice of Death (submitted by: Alicia Parker, Spring Hill College Archives)

Kelly, Jerome E--Died: 08 June 1835

Mauvernay, Peter --Born in Lyons, France in 1792 and Died 23 October 1839. He joined Napoleon's Army when he was sixteen, but resigned to join
    the Fathers of the Mission at Lyons(Information taken from the Spring Hill Today, Summer 1976, submitted by Dr. Boyles, Spring Hill College Archives) He was the third president of Spring Hill College, 1836-1839.
Pic 2  Transcript of Epitaph
(submitted by Fr. Lewis, Spring Hill College)

O'Hare, Denis--Born: a. 1838, Died: 22 February 1866 in the 28th year of his age. (Son of Jane O'Hare, Died 28 August 1871, Obituary) Pic 2
    Obituary:  22 February 1866
    Death Certificate

Williams, Venancio--Born: 10 March 1840, Died: 28 February 1853 (Son of Samuel H. and Merced Williams) Pic 2
    Notice of Death (submitted by: Alicia Parker, Spring Hill College Archives)

Memory Marker
David Livingston--Born: 1964, Died: 1980

Other persons known to be buried in this cemetery with no headstone:
**Anyone having information on family members buried in this cemetery please send us an email.**

**Individuals buried in the Spring Hill College Cemetery without a marker. Sources include; Death Certificates, Obituaries, and Statements from family members**

Friedal, Geo.--Died: 31 July 1902 According to the 1900 Alabama Census George Friedal (spelled Fredel in the census) was born January 1876, came from Germany in 1895,
    and was widowed. He was a servant at Spring Hill College and was working as a gardener. Notice of death (**Notice courtesy of Alicia Parker,SHCA**)

Shadeck, A.F.(also spelled Shadek)--Born: 17 April 1856, Died: 14 April 1924, Age 67 years 11 months and 27 days. Obituary

Richardson, Joseph Edward--Born: 09 June 1920, Died: 30 November 1924 (Son of Michael O. Richardson and Minnie Isabel Adams Richardson) Obituary

Virginia Cazalas--Born: Before 30 November 1805, Died: 30 November 1897  **Click on the name for more information**
    Obituary, Pic 1
(The Daily Register, Wednesday, 01 December 897, Page 4), Pic 2 (The Daily Register, Thursday, 02 December 1897, Page 4)
    (Obits courtesy of Anne Godwin)
De Vendel, Emile--Died: November 1857 (Officer in the Napoleon War) Obituary, Pic 1 Pic 2
    (Obit for Emile De Vendal courtesy of John Ellis)

According to the obituary for Emile De Vendel, his wife Josephine Bancel de Confoulon De Vendel is buried in this cemetery, as well as James West Jr., his son-in-law. James West was the first husband of Emile De Vendel's oldest daughter, Adelaide De Vendel, he died in November of 1843. Adelaide De Vendel then married Paul Chaudron, who died 29 May 1859.  Adelaide De Vendel Chaudron died 14 May 1898 and is buried in the Magnolia Cemetery. I am unsure as to where Paul Chaudron is buried.


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