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Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant
Application Files, 1800 - 1900:
Resseguie, Alaxander - Reymond, Issac

With the exception of a few, most of the names below have a great deal of information.  Some of the copies are very clear and others are extremely hard to see.
**I will be happy to make copies for anyone who would like them, but because of the number of copies that would be required and the amount of time it will take to make them
I will have to charge a small fee.**

Ressequie, Alexander (Connecticut) -- Ruamy
Ressequie, John (Connecticut, New York)
Ressequie or Resseque, Abraham, (Connecticut) --Delanoy, Ellen, Former widow - small note stating "This woman was rejected as the former widow of Richard Hill, Mass. R2853
Resten, William (New York) - Bounty Land Warrant Card
Rester, Frederick (Georgia) -- Louisa
Reter or Ruter or Ritter, Thomas (carded)
Retherford or Rutherford, Julius --  Rhoda
Retherford, William
Rettenhouse or Rittenhouse, Abner
Reupke or Rupkee, Sally former widow of Hayden, Ebenezer
Revel, Holliday or Revell, Holladay (Two claims consolidated)
Reveley or Revelly, Francis
Revell, Michael
Revenbark or Rivenbark, Frederick -- Winnefred, widow
Revenburgh or Ryfenburgh, Henry -- Hannah
Reves or Reaves, Zachariah
Revis, Henry
Rew, Ephraim
Rew, Memucan -- Hannah
Rewalt, John -- Ann
Rewey or Rewcy, Thomas (New York)
Rewick, Owen, Private Connecticut, Bounty Land Warrant Record Card
Rex, Daniel (Penn)
Rexford, Benjamin -- Mary Jane)
Rexford or Raxford or Roxford, Denison
Rexford, Ensign (Mass) -- Annis  
Rexford, Isaac (Conn)
Rexford or Rixford, Joseph -- Anna
Rexrode, Zachariah (VA)
Rey or Ray, Andrew (VA)
Reymond or Raymond, Isaac (Conn) -- Porter, Clara, former widow

National Archives

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant
Application Files, 1800 - 1900:
Ferguson Abraham - Fergusson, William

*Updated 03-07-2006*
(Ferguson, Fergrson, Fergusson)
Ferguson or Fergrson, Alexander--New York
Ferguson or Forgason, Abraham--New York--Polly (Card only)
Haight, Moses--New York--Ferguson Amy--Former widow (Card only)
Ferguson or Furgason, Andrew--Indiana
Ferguson, Caleb--New York
Ferguson or Forgason, Daniel--Connecticut
Ferguson, David--Virginia
Ferguson, Ebenezer--Pennsylvania
Ferguson, Edmond or Edmund--Virginia--Elizabeth
Ferguson, Isaac--New York
Ferguson, James--Massachusetts--Robinson, Hannah--Former widow
Ferguson, James--New York--Betsy
Ferguson, James--Virginia
Ferguson or Fuguson, John--Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Ferguson or Furguson, John--Massachusetts, New Hampshire--Mary
Ferguson or Forgerson, John--New York
Ferguson or Forguson--North Carolina, Virginia--Bethany or Bethena
Ferguson, John--Pennsylvania--Martha
Ferguson, John--South Carolina, Born in Virginia
Ferguson, John--Virginia
Ferguson, Joseph--Bounty Land Warrant, Hagen's Regiment
Ferguson, Joshua--Virginia
Ferguson, Josias/Josiah-Mary--New Jersey
Ferguson, Lewis--Illinois
Ferguson, Moses--South Carolina
Ferguson, Robert/Jane--Massachusetts
Ferguson, Robert--Virginia
Ferguson, Robert/Besheba--Virginia
Ferguson, Samuel--Pennsylvania
Ferguson, Soloman--Massachusetts
Ferguson, Stephen/Shuah Dennet, Former Widow--Massachusetts
Ferguson, Thomas--New Jersey--Land Warrant Document
Ferguson, Thomas--New York
Ferguson, William--Col. Proctor's 4th Reg. of  Art.
Ferguson, William/Elizabeth--Pennsylvania
Ferguson, William/Betty--New Hampshire
Ferguson, William--Pennsylvania
Ferguson, William--Pennsylvania
Ferguson, William/Judah/Judeth--Georgia
Ferguson, John/Catharine--Maryland
Ferguson, Moses--Virginia
Ferguson, Thomas--Kentucky
Ferguson, William--Virginia


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