Jackson County, Mississippi
N 30  29.981
W 088  25.300
(located on private property)
Any information in addition to what is on the headstone was given to me by Frances Danley and Bill Stevens
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Mary Charlotte Tippins Dees
Born:  May 8, 1821
Died:  March 5, 1889
Calvin E. Dees
Born:  October 31, 1819
Died:  May 22, 1867
Phillip John Dees
Born:  January 25, 1852
Died:  November 11, 1853
(Son of Calvin and Mary Charlotte)
Medora Marietta Dees
Born:  October 2, 1852
Died:  December 29, 1864
(Daughter of Calvin and Mary Charlotte)
James Stevens
21st Alabama Infantry
Company I
Born:  November 18, 1839
Died:  April 17, 1862
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There are two different headstones for  
James Stevens.  One placed on his concrete  
slab and also a military headstone.  

James was the son of Mariah Dees and  
Archibald Stevens.   
Mariah is the daughter of Jane and Mark Dees. 
She is buried in the Stevens Cemetery in Clarke County, Ms.

Archibal S. Dees
Born:  January 06, 1844
Died:  June 22,1886
Elizabeth Ann Dees
Easterling Carr 
Born:  September 22,1838 
Died:  October 25, 1875
Mary Fort Dees
Died:  January 24, 1926
Age 83
(Wife of John Dees)
Earl Dees Fort
Born:  April 11, 1870
Died:  April 19, 1870
Bettie Earnestine Carr
Born:  May 3, 1870
Died:  October 9, 1870
Adoniram Judson Easterling
Died in infancy
(Son of Elizabeth Ann Dees)
In Memory
Wife of Mark Dees
Born:  May 10, 1807
Died:  September 20, 1870
(Jane Pippins
daughter of 
Asa Pipkin)
John P. Dees
Son of Mark and Jane
Born:  February 4, 1839
Died:  November 18, 1869
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