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Lambert Cemetery

Celeste Road, Citronelle.Alabama


Photographs, Survey and Research compiled

Donna Grantham Lee



Bailey, Mary, Pic 1, Pic 2
6-18-1892 Wife of MC Bailey; she is possibly the mother of Mary F Bailey Lambert
Barber, infant 11-1-1948
Barnett, Gizella O.
Infant of William J & Margret
Barnett, Margaret 1910
Infant of William J& Margaret
Barnett, Margaret E 9-30-1875 
5-4 1917   
Wife of William J; children—see William J
Barnett, William
3-31-1909 10-28-1933
Son of William J & Margret
Barnett, William J.               1-22-1861    
Husband of Margaret; children---Wilson, Simmie, Florence, William, Mildred, infant Margaret & infant Gizella; possibly son of William H & Susannah
Bentley, Alfred Conan 2018-1943 4/21-2010  
Boothe, Birtie Mae Davis 6-12-1910 4-15-1993 Wife of Robert E Lee Boothe; daughter of William Davis & Rebecca Moffett; sister of Lettie Davis Boothe; niece of Robert Moffett
Boothe, Blewett M.   8-25-1921  8-25-1921 Infant son of Fred & Nora
Boothe ,Cecil   1-31-1897 8-31-1989 Son of Eli & Hester; husband of Etta Smith; also was married to Mary Ruth Gartman; children---Irene, Rufus, Marietta,
Boothe, Daniel Wesley     8-13-1909 10-23-1997 Husband of Lettie; son of Robert & Eula
Boothe, Danny Joe Sr. 2-19-1954   1-18-2008   Son of James & Minnie
Boothe, David Earl 10-21-1950 4-18-2004  
Boothe, Dorothy J. 5-16-1925 8-6-1926 Infant daughter of William Henry Boothe & Bessie Jordan
Boothe, Eli Robert 5-20-1857 1-27-1926 
Father of Viola Boothe Gartman; husband of Hester Miller
Boothe, Etta Smith, Pic 2
2nd wife of Cecil Boothe
Boothe, Eula Whatley
1890 1968 Wife of Robert G.Booth; children—see Robert G; daughter of Daniel & Amelia Whatley
Boothe, Fred 2-16-1887 3-24-1955 Husband of Nora Cain; son of Lorenzo & Fannie
Boothe, Fred Jr. 3-19-1917 6-18-2001 Husband of Florence; son of Fred & Nora
Boothe, Gabriel Isiah 10-4-1935 6-25-2010  
Boothe, Hester Ann Miller 5-10-1861 7-31-1947 Wife of Eli Robert; mother of Viola Gartman; children--- Mary Janet, Robert, William,Joseph, Viola, Harriett, Eren,Margaret, Leslie, Cecil, Gracie, Golda,& Hester Ann
Boothe, Hester I.
6-27-1911 10-2-1911 Infant daughter of William H & Sallie; twin of infant William H also buried there
Boothe, Infant 12-1960 12-1960
Boothe, Infant no dates no dates Son of Wesley & Lettie Boothe
Boothe, James Eli 4-5-1934 3-21-2003 Husband of Minnie Hudman; son of Leslie & Martha
Boothe, James Fred
7-20-1961 10-7-1981 Son of Thompson & Bernice;
Boothe, Jerris Glenn 10-8-1966 10-2-1981 Son of Leonard & Lucille
Boothe, Jerris Kenneth 1-11-1986 8-27-1986 Grandson of Leonard & Lucille; son of Leonard T Boothe, Jr &Dianne Buttifori
Boothe, Leonard Templeton Sr 12-30-1921 4-21-2004 Husband of Lucille; son of Frank & Enid; children—Jerris Glenn
Boothe, Leslie  Sr
3-27-1895 11-7-1968 Husband of Martha Mae; son of Eli & Hester; father of James Eli
Boothe, Lettie Davis 10-22-1911 2-22-1959
Wife of Daniel Wesley; daughter of William Davis & Rebecca Moffett; sister of Birtie Mae Davis Boothe
Boothe, Louise 3-16-1927 4-15-1930  
Boothe, Martha Mae Johnson 10-18-1906 9-5-2001 Wife of Leslie Sr

Boothe, Nora                           

Emily Lenora Cain

4-18-1891 1-13-1978 Wife of Fred; daughter of William Cain & Catherine Permilla Gartman; children—Fritz, Lorene, William, Lloyd, Fred & Blewitt (stillborn)
Boothe, Robert E Lee 1-27-1908 11-9-1970 Husband of Birthie Mae; son of Robert & Eula
Boothe, Robert G. 1882 1960 Husband of Eula; son of Eli & Hester; children---Robert Lee, Danny Wesley, Virginia, Lacaron, Evalene, Edward, Doris, Joseph & Thompson Lavrette
Boothe, Sallie A. Whatley 
1-22-1892 8-6-1911 Wife of William Henry; daughter of Daniel & Amelia Whatley; children—Carl, William H , Hester I, & Amelia (Hattenstein)
Boothe, Stephen F. 10-1953 10-1953
Boothe, Thompson Lavertte 10-21-1928 7-6-1988 Husband of Bernice Bradley; son of Robert & Eula; children---Glenda, Gordon, John, Robert, Donna & James Fred
Boothe, William Henry 8-16-1883 11-13-1950 Son of Eli & Hester; husband of Sallie
Boothe, William H. 6-27-1911 10-5-1911 Infant son of William H & Sallie; twin of Hester I
Boothe, William Harold 2-8-1938 8-10-1938 Possibly Infant son of William Henry & Bessie Jordan Boothe
Boothe, Wynette Ophelia  Griffin 4-17-1940 6-24-2001 Wife of Gabriel Boothe (son of Robert E & Birtie )
Breedlove, Dorothy “Rose” Simmons 1-10-1930 2-19-2003 Daughter of Winfield & Abby Simmons
Brooks, Hester V Gartman 6-28-1924 10-28-1950 Daughter of Miles & Viola Gartman; “Bootsie” ;
living child—Brenda; Bootsie was 7 months pregnant when she died & is buried with her infant daughter
Byrd, Carla Deneese 11-10-1966 11-10-1966

Stillborn--Daughter of Carolyn McKenzie Byrd and Robert Earl (aka Bobby) Byrd, Granddaughter of Prentice Byrd and great granddaughter of Judy and Fritz Byrd. *Information courtesy of: Carmen Deanne (Byrd) Ward.

Byrd, Fritz Oliver 1-28-1897 9-1-1957 Husband of Judy Bell; son of Rufus Byrd & Alice Helveston;
Byrd, Judy Bell Green 4-22-1898 3-8-1984 Wife of Fritz O. Byrd; daughter of Joseph Green & Catherine Miller
Byrd, Peggy Sue 7-27-1963 7-27-1963  
Byrd, Prentice Oliver
4-22-1920 2-5-1964 Son of Fritz & Judy
Cahall, Thomas 8-2-1905 7-17-1968 Possibly the son of Robert & Alice Cahall
Cain, (C.P.) Catherine Permilla.Gartman 1-12-1870 2-28-1961 Marker says “C.P. Cain”;wife of W.H. Cain; mother of Nora , Simonetta, Quitman, Enid, Georgia, Mary, Mittie, William Jr, Fannie, Paul, Thomas, & Floyd
Cain, Dorothy Jean 4-11-1929 10-16-1931 Possibly daughter  of William Henry Jr
Cain, W.H.  (William Henry) 8-9-1861 7-19-1932 Marker says “WH Cain “;husband of Catherine Gartman; children ---see Catherine
Cain, W.H. Jr (William Henry) 12-3-1902 5-10-1970 Son of William & Catherine Cain; husband of Myrtle Hammrick; possibly father of Dorothy Jean
Clancy, Elizabeth Marie 5-25-1913 9-1-1998 Possibly wife of William
Clancy, William Daniel
5-15-1908 12-10-1981 Possibly husband of Elizabeth
Cotten, Alma Pitts 10-25-1920 10-17-1988 Wife of Clyde W; mother of Ellie David; daughter of David Pitts & Lula Harrison
Cotten, Clyde Wilburn
11-10-1918 12-15-1974 Husband of Alma Pitts; son of Ellie Wilburn & Ola Cotton; father of Ellie David
Cotton, Ellie David 12-11-1942 11-27-2007 Husband of Linda; son of Clyde & Alma; not sure why spelling of last name is different
Davis, (A.J.) Andrew Jackson 9-30-1848 10-24-1908 Son of William & Mary; husband of Rosanna; children—Ada, Ida Belle, Lelia, Emma, & Colon
Davis,  Alvonce 9-17-1927 5-8-1987 Son of Walter Davis & Elsie Helveston; husband of Doris; children—Aldoris, Dorothy, JD, Linda, Patricia & Elsie
Davis,, Elizabeth  (she is listed as Davis but should have been Elizabeth George 5-11-1846 5-1-1887 Wife of Thomas F George; daughter of William A & Mary Lambert Davis; children---William, Daisy, Ethel, & Unnamed infant(1887)
Davis, Elsie Helveston 9-30-1890 2-3-1951 Daughter of George Helveston &Susan Stringfellow; wife of Walter davis, children—Dorothy, Lessie, Nona,Inger, Lindy, Claudina, Edith, Vaudie & Alvonse
Davis, Mary Lambert

no date 


no date  

** 1880 
on same headstone  as her husband William A; states she was 65 years old; daughter of James Lambert & Mary Howard;children---see William
Davis, Mary M. (Mary Ann Miller)
12-29-1894 3-11-1991 Wife of Richard E; daughter of Charles Miller & Sara Lambert
Davis, Mary E. (Mary Isabelle Gartman) **1856 11-22-1901 Does not state birthdate but states that she was 46 years old at death; may be the daughter of George Gartman & Emily Miller; Wife of George W Davis; mother of Walter Davis
Davis, Mary E 8-22-1928 8-15-1964 May be the daughter of Richard &Mary
Davis, Richard E 8-15-1904 8-3-1977 Son of Arthur Davis & Lula Helveston ; husband of Mary M;
Davis, Ronnie  Pic 2
4-24-1959 4-11-2003 Husband of Mary Sue Miller Davis
Davis, Unknown no date no date Plain concrete slab with Davis
Davis, Walter 8-3-1877 1-20-1961 Husband of Elsie Helveston; children—see Elsie; son of George Davis & Mary Gartman
Davis, William Alexander 1812 1899 With wife Mary on headstone; states he was 87 ; children—Sarah, Alexander, George, Daniel, Andrew, Elizabeth, William Henry, & Caroline
Dickinson, Blewitt 8-25-1922 8-27-1922 Infant son of James & Eran (Boothe) Dickinson 
Dickinson, Charity Grace 4-6-1888 8-27-1959 Daughter of William & Charity L. Dickinson
Dickinson, Charity Ann Lambert 1862 1929 Wife of William; daughter of William & Nancy Lambert; children---William F, Charity Grace, Gideon, Miriam, & Rachel
Dickinson, Emma Gertrude Lewis 3-16-1885 2-15-1918 Wife of William F; daughter of Jordan & Addie Lewis; children ---Lewis, Mavis & Miriam
Dickinson,Eran Boothe 5-20-1891 11-17-1970 Daughter of Eli & Hester Boothe; wife of James; children---Blewitt; unnamed infant,Ethel, Rachel, & Jim Will

Dickinson,Gideon Cornelius



Tombstone has been replaced; apparently old one was destroyed & dates could not be read; husband of Sarah Hattenstein ; son of William Dickinson & Charity Lambert;
Dickinson, Gwendolyn  Martha Lewis
1-27-1918 4-16-2008 Wife of Lewis G Dickinson; daughter of Archie & Maude Lewis; children---Aubrey & Janice
Dickinson, Infant 10-3-1924 10-3-1924 Infant child of Eran & James; shares headstone w/Blewitt
Dickinson,Infant 19-- 19-- Replacement tombstone; possibly child of Gideon & Sarah
Dickinson,James Johnson 4-19-1890 12-30-1984 Husband of Eran Boothe; children---see Eran Dickimson; son of William & Charity
Dickinson,James William 9-4-1931 10-8-1999 “Jim Will”; son of Eran & James
Dickinson,Lewis G. 3-21-1907 10-17-1995 Husband of Gwendolyn; son of William F & Emma Gertrude; children—Aubrey & Janice




Husband of Charity L; son of Francis & Mary; children---Susan, William, Charity, Gideon, Miriam, & Rachel
Dickinson,William Franklin 8-16-1886 6-24-1914 Son of William & Charity; husband of Emma Gertrude; children—Lewis, Mavis & Miriam
Dyson, Frandy Delon Riordan 5-25-1978 11-7-2004 Daughter of Frank & Margaret Riordan; grand-daughter of Joyce Pierce Riordan
Enzor, Melinda Sue
2-19-1955 9-11-1970 Daughter of Mary Louise Miller and Richard Enzor
Enzor, Richard 12-25-1957 5-3-1988 Son of Mary Louise Miller and Richard Enzor
Ferrill, Cecilia Elizabeth Evans 12-25-1930 3-14-1996 Wife of Charles Jr; children—see Charles Jr; daughter of Robert Evans & Anna Gallasch
Ferrill, Charles Albert Jr 6-24-1931 5-22-1994 Husband of Cecilia; son of Charles & Evelyn; children—Amita & Ann Marie
Ferrill, Charles Albert 7-23-1910 4-18-1961 Husband of Evelyn; son of Julia & Maurice; father of Jerry, Virgina & Charles Jr
Ferrill, Evelyn Louise Richardson 8-20-1912 3-16-1999 Wife of Charles Sr; mother of Jerry, Virginia & Charles Jr
Ferrill, Julia Bell Miller 3-31-1884 6-13-1921 Wife of Maurice; daughter of Charles Miller & Sarah Lambert; mother of Charles Sr, , Lilla, Julie, Virginia, & Janette (Orso)
Ferrill, Maurice D. 5-22-1883 8-7-1945 Husband of Julia; children—see Julia; son of George Ferill & Elizabeth Murray
Fisher, Adam Lee 10-23-2006 4-19-2009  
Frost, John T. 2-6-1898 5-2-1962 Son of George Frost & Katie Page Houston; 1st husband of Ruby Lee Gartman                                              
Gallagher, Lottie Hattenstein 8-26-1922 12-15-2010  
Gallant, Maude Ethel 6-13-1946 6-22-2009  
Gartman,Archie 1-26-1881 10-22-1944 Son of Paul G & Elizabeth; children—Donald, Paul, & Doris
Gartman, James W. Sr “Buddy” 3-16-1933 3-26-1983 Son of Murry Gartman & Emma Lambert ?; father of  Infant James Jr & Pat
Gartman, David Lymon 8-1-1892 3-3-1910 Murdered; son of JohnJ & Helen
Gartman, Elizabeth Bailey 11-30-1850 4-11-1907
Wife of Paul G; children—Archie, Miles, George, Fannie, Jeff, Annie & Paul
Gartman, Floyd Garner 12-5-1908
6-4-1999 Son of Miles & Viola; children---Albert Leon, Dorothy Eran,& Floyd Garner
Gartman, George 1879 1931 Son of Paul G & Elizaberh ; father of Murry, Hazel, Dorothy, Raymond & Elmer
Gartman, Helen  Virginia Knapp 10-31-1872 9-4-1949 Wife of John J. Gartman; daughter of David & Isabella,; children---see John Jefferson Gartman
Gartman, James Jr. 10-31-1962 1-20-1964 Infant son of James “Buddy”
Gartman, Joe Vernon 10-23-1913 8-18-2002 Son of Miles & Viola; husband of Lois Farris; children---Cona Jean, David Leon, Glenda Lee, Joseph Paul, Juanita Fern, Ronald Grady, & Rufus Miles
Gartman, John Jefferson
9-17-1861 4-24-1955
Husband of Helen Knapp; son of George W & Emily Gartman; children—David L, Myrtle May, Helen & Judson
Gartman, Miles “Tunney” Pic 2
1-29-1877 5-21-1931 Husband of Viola; son of Paul G & Elizabeth; children—see Viola
Gartman, Murry 1908
1959 Parents were George & Missouri Gartman; father of James “Buddy”
Gartman, Myrtle May
1-7-1912 3-17-1912 Infant daughter of John J & Helen
Gartman, Paul G. 2-10-1851 1-11-1919 Husband of Elizabeth Bailey; children—see note on Elizabeth Bailey GArtman ; son of George W & Emily Ann
Gartman, Unknown

This is not the correct headstone, this was placed there when Miles Gartman got a new one to mark the grave. It is possibly Charlie Gartman, son of Miles & Viola
Gartman, Viola Boothe 4-23-1887 5-19-1972 Wife of Miles “Tunney”; daughter of Eli Robert & Hester Miller Boothe; children—Charles Miles, Ruby Lee, Floyd Garner, Mamie Elizabeth, Joe Vernon, Paul Griggs, Eli Edmund, Hester Viola & Quitman (stillborn)
Grantham, Katie Marie Pierce 10-2-1947 12-15-1971 Daughter of Jerry & Mamie Pierce , wife of Donald Grantham (his ashes are placed at her headstone); mother of Donna Kaye Grantham
Gray, James Conrad
10-29-1930 12-8-1937 Son of Joe & Mabel
Gray, Harry L. 11-8-1937 3-13-1951 Son of Joe & Mabel
Gray, Joe Guy 7-20-1904 11-14-1976 Husband of Mabel; father of James & Harry
Gray, Mabel Pierce 7-25-1913 2-26-1938 Wife of Joe; mother of James & Harry; daughter of Lawrence Pierce & Simonetta Cain
Green, Catherine Miller
1872 1944 Wife of Joseph William; daughter of William Henry Miller & Sarah Maddox; sister of Hester Ann Miller Boothe
Green, Eunice 5-16-1913 5-16-1913 Infant daughter of Joseph & Catherine
Green,John H. 6-16-1914
5-23-1974 Son of Joseph & Catherine
Green, Joseph William
1864 1941 Husband of Catherine Miller
Green,Lizzie 9-18-1907 1-21-1927 A very hard to read metal marker; next to Eunice Green; previously unknown 15; probably the daughter of Joseph & Catherine
Hattenstein, George Blewitt (GB)
1898 1906 Son of George Leon & Lottie Simmons Hattenstein
Hattenstein, George Leon


1924 Son of Samuel Hattenstein & Sarah Davis; husband of Lottie Simmons; father of Percy, John Ollis , George B, Cornelius, Jesse, Sarah, Samuel, Sadie, Lula, Charlotte & Bernard
Hattenstein, Infant
no date no date Daughter of Mr&Mrs O Hattenstein; could be daughter of Amelia Boothe Hattenstein & John Ollis Hattenstein
Hattenstein, James C. 1926 1937 Son of Cornelius Hattenstein & Hester Ann Boothe
Hattenstein,Jesse Leon 4-10-1895 10-23-1975 husband of Pauline Bentley; son of George Leon & Lottie; children—see Pauline
Hattenstein, Lottie Simmons
1871 1918 Wife of George Leon, children—see George; daughter of John Henry Simmons & Arabella Cahall
Hattenstein, Pauline Bentley 12-13-1900 11-12-1966 Wife of Jesse L; children—Betty, Buck, Helen, Irene, Juanita, Lottie, Margaret, Tina & Woodrow; possibly the daughter of Chester & Jennie Bentley
Hattenstein, (P.B.) Percy Bergit
5-23-1905 11-24-1938 Son of George & Lottie
Hattenstein, Sadie
1889 1907 Daughter of George & Lottie
Helveston, Carrol Earl “Bum” 11-12-1905 12-26-1990 Husband of Johnnie Miller; father of John Paul , Paula, Barbara Jean, Patricia & Ronald Lee
Helveston, Johnnie Miller 5-9-1914 2-21-2004 Wife of Carrol; daughter of John Henry & Carley Miller; children—see above
Helveston, John Paul 11-29-1950 4-11-1991 Son of Johnnie & Carrol
Helveston, Paula M.
1-15-1962 1-30-1970 Daughter of Ronald Lee and Betty Helveston & granddaughter of Carroll Earl.
Helveston, Robert Leander Jr.   “Bud” 6-25-1985 7-12-2002 Son of Robert and Cathy Helveston, Stepson of Mark Helveston
Hillman, Annette R. 3-15-1930
Wife of Hinkle
Hillman, Hinkle 11-18-1921 10-23-1992 Husband of Annette
Houston, Katie
5-15-1863 9-13-1955 Mother of John Frost
Hudman, Frances W.
11-10-1909 3-30-1992 Wife of James T; mother of Minnie Hudman Boothe
Hudman, James T. 5-31-1899 7-13-1975 Husband of Frances; father of Minnie H Boothe
Johnson,Emily Christine  Roberts 2-2-1933 9-10-1985 Daughter of George Roberts & Mavis Dickinson; wife of James Johnson; children—Ashley, Byron, George & Kimberly
Johnson, John Henry


***barely readable


***barely readable
Almost unreadable  concrete slab with hand etched dates & name ; near the       cemetery sign; husband of Sara Dean
and also of Mamie E Chandler; father of Alma Johnson Miller
Johnson, Sarah Dean 5-14-1879 6-13-1960 Wife of John Henry Johnson
Johnston, Larry Armistead 2-11-1947 2-12-1947
Jones, Ronald S.
7-21-1969 7-6-1997
Husband of Kimberly F; son of Winfred & Mary
Jones, Winfred Lee 1931 2003 Husband of Mary Botham
Kelly, Annie Mae 3-10-1922 1-14-2002 Wife of Leo
Kelly, Carolyn E. 10-21-1950 12-5-2004 Possibly daughter of Leo & Anni Mae; she is buried at their feet; also Veteran’s grave
Kelly, Derothea A. 11-6-1943 2-21- 1980 Possibly daughter of Leo & Annie Mae; she is buried next to Leo
Kelly, Edith H. 9-2-1889 10-3-1969 Wife of William E
Kelly, Effie 7-16-1886 2-19-1956 Wife of James “Jim”
Kelly, Infant son 12-29-1932 12-29-1932 Son of Miriam & Willie
Kelly, James “Jim” 2-24-1875 12-28-1950 Husband of Effie; son of William Edward & Malissa
Kelly, James 2-15-1910 2-15-1910 Son of James & Effie
Kelly, John 10-17-1913 12-7-1993 Son of James & Effie
Kelly, Leo 9-25-1921 7-10-2002 Husband of Annie Mae
Kelly, Mabell 8-28-1917 5-2-1926 Daughter of William E & Edith
Kelly, Melissa 1850 1936 Mother of James "Jim"
Kelly, Miriam G. Dickinson 9-23-1913 4-21-2002 Wife of Willie E; daughter of William F Dickinson & Emma G Lewis
Kelly, Monroe 9-1-1909 9-3-1991 Son of William E & Edith
Kelly, Savannah R. 10-22-1992 10-23-1992 She is buried next to Infant James Kelly
Kelly, Walter 5-28-1913 3-5-1920 Son of William E & Edith
Kelly, William E. 11-10-1874 8-4-1925 Husband of Edith; son of William Edward
Kelly, William Edward 3-15-1839 5-29-1908 Father of William E & James Jim; wife--Melissa
Kelly, Willie E. 12-17-1905 7-16-1993 Husband of Miriam; son of William E
Kelly, Winnie Lee

Kidd, Delma Otis 1-1-1896 12-15-1967 Son of Oliver Joshua & Mary Ann
Kidd, Delma Otis Jr. 12-19-1933 8-5-2003 Son of Delma Otis Sr
Kidd, Eva Miller 12-24-1891 6-4-1931 Wife of Lyman Leslie Kidd
Kidd, Justin Rudolph “Doc” 9-23-1898 1-1-1971 Son of Oliver Joshua & Mary Ann
Kidd, Margaret Mamie 2-25-1911 6-4-1981

Possibly wife of Delma Otis  or Oran                                                                                       

Kidd, Mary Ann Frances Hutchinson 3-11-1854 12-5-1935 Wife of Oliver Joshua Kidd; mother of Oliver Dave, Oscar, Oran, Leslie, Delma Otis & Justin
Kidd, Oliver Dave 7-27-1882 3-25-1944 Son of Oliver Joshua & Mary Ann
Kidd, Oliver Joshua 7-14-1856 2-14-1935 Son of Oliver & Sara; husband of Mary Ann; father of Oliver Dave, Oscar, Oran, Leslie, Delma Otis, Justin
Kidd, Oran Jessie 7-23-1886 12-19-1948 Son of Oliver Joshua & Mary Ann
Kuntz, Dorothy Jones         11-11-1918 6-3-1985
Lambert, Mary F. Bailey 1854 1884 1st wife of William Franklin Lambert
Lambert, Mary Matilda Gartman 2-29-1847 4-13-1927 2nd wife of William Franklin Lambert; daughter of Thomas & Onorine Gartman
Lambert, Nancy P. 1829 18--- Wife of William F.; replacement marker, daughter of John M Padgett
Lambert, William Franklin 7-29-1855 3-29-1917 Son of William & Nancy; husband of Mary F; children—Fannie, Annie , Charles & William Wesley
Lambert, William F. 1815


Husband of Nancy P; replacement marker; son of  James & Mary H Lambert
Lambert, Willie B. 10-28-1875 2-17-1908 Husband of Simonetta Cain, father of Roy; son of James Lambert & Charlotte Simms;  grandson of William & Nancy Lambert
Lewis, Archie Berkley 2-12-1882 1-25-1958 Husband of Maude; son of Auston Lewis & Nancy Bailey; children---Adrian, Ishmael, Luverta, Gwendolyn, Travis & Archie Jr
Lewis, Archie Berkley 9-17-1924 7-26-1993 Son of Archie & Maude; husband of Gloria Jones; children---Anita, Archie, Audrey, Bobbie, John, Leland, Morgan, & Rachel
Lewis, Debra Marie 7-11-1958 5-16-2006 Wife of Dennis
Lewis, Ethel Dickinson 7-16-1926 10-24-1995 Wife of Travis; daughter of James & Eran; children—Maude Ethel, Travis, Chester, Dennis, & James Bert
Lewis, Maude Turner 1-28-1893 6-1-1985 Wife of Archie Sr—children see note on Archie
Lewis, Travis Taylor 9-28-1921 3-8-1989 Husband of Ethel; son of Archie & Maude; children---see note on Ethel
Loper, Ella K. 6-10-1919 4-8-1984 Wife of Otto; married 6-3-1969; the K may stand for Kelly; she is buried directly above John Kelly
Loper, Otto 12-11-1922 10-31-1998 Husband of Ella ; son of Napolean & Annie Laura Loper; 1st wife was Beach
Lott, Nora Whatley 4-3-1894 9-19-1954 Daughter of Daniel & Amelia Whatley; wife of Willie Lott; mother of Albert, Arthur, Irene,Mittie, Willie, Dossie,Estelle &Ellen
Malone, Carel 5-28-1906 6-27-1906
Malone, Virgil Edward 12-18-1921 12-18-1921
Martin, Susan Elaine Neighbors 12-25-1958 12-20-2006 Daughter of William Neighbors & Janice Dickinson
Massingill, Carley Miller ( Maiden name Curry) 7-18-1897 11-27-1975 Wife of John Henry Miller & ? Massengill
Mickle, Robert A. No date 3-1933
Miller, Alma Ann Johnson 3-26-1900 8-25-1938 Wife of Boyd; daughter of John Henry Johnson & Mamie Chandler; mother of Alma, Otis, Marie, Artis, Boyd Jr & Catherine
Miller, Boyd 2-20-1896 12-17-1962 Husband of Alma Johnson; children--see Alma; son of Ellis Miller; also married to Dorothy Davis Lott, children—Willie Ray & Henry
Miller, Charles 9-8-1857 5-30-1921 Husband of Sara Lambert; children—Nancy, Julia,  John, Corrine, Eva & Mary ; son of John Miller & Mary Lee Morris
Miller, John Henry 11-15-1886 5-29-1939 Son of Charles & Sara; husband of Carley Curry; children---Johnnie & Elizabeth
Miller, Robert Vernon 12-24-1929 2-6-2010  
Miller, Sara A. Lambert 11-3-1857 1-26-1935 Wife of Charles; daughter of William & Nancy Lambert;children—see Charles
Moffett, Louie E. 7-3-1916 7-18-1918 Son of Robert
Moffett, Leo Underwood




Son of Robert & Emma; husband of Lois Gray
Moffett, Robert Olander 10-31-1879 4-29-1924 Very hard to read, hand etched on metal plate; father of Leo; husband of Emma; son of Gabriel Moffett & Nancy Powell; Uncle of Lettie & Birtie Mae Davis Boothe
Monk, T.A. Jr--Infant ***5-24-1918 2-16-1919 States he was 8 months 23 days
Neighbors, Gracie Lee Singleton 7-16-1911 3-24-1960 Wife of John Willie; daughter of Joseph Singleton & Vivian Stevenson
Neighbors, John Willie 9-11-1898 2-18-1985 Husband of Gracie Lee Singleton; Son of John Neighbors & Lucy Taylor
Neighbors, Johnnie Lee 9-5-1929 6-16-1971 Son of John & Gracie
Neighbors, Kenneth Mark
Brother of Susan Elaine Neighbors Martin
Neighbors, William Lloyd
Father of Kenneth Mark Neighbors & Susan Elaine N. Martin
Newton, W. W. 1827 ?
Broken headstone
Orso, Janette Ferrill 8-31-1916 9-11-1972 Daughter of Julia & Maurice Ferrill
Pearce, Mary 18--- 18-- Replacement marker; possibly the daughter of William & Nancy Lambert; the wife of William Pearce
Pearce, Infant 18--- 18-- Replacement marker
Pierce, Cecil Lawrence 11-16-1944 2-11-1967 Son of Vernon Pierce; husband of Frankie Bentle
Pierce, Jerry Jr. 5-2-1904 8-28-1982 Husband of Mamie; Son of  Jeremiah & Sara Kate Wilson Pierce; children: Jerry Miles, Joyce Estelle, Jeraline Jeanette, Bobby Jean, Betty Jo, Carolyn Viola & Katie Marie
Pierce, Mamie Elizabeth Gartman 4-21-1911 9-20-1996 Wife of Jerry Jr; daughter of Miles Tunney & Viola Boothe Gartman; children—see Jerry Jr.
Pierce, Unknown Infant No date No date Plain concrete slab between Cecil & Vernon Pierce
Pierce, Vernon Langston 9-13-1911 10-24-1984 Husband of Virginia Boothe, married 7-1-1933, father of Cecil Lawrence; son of Lawrence Pierce & Simonetta Cain
Pierce, Virginia Boothe 2-12-1913 3-7-1985 Wife of Vernon Langston, mother of Cecil Lawrence; daughter of Robert & Eula Boothe
Powers, Joe




Replacement marker; husband of Rachel Lambert; son of Paul & Susan
Powers, Paul 11-22-1809 5-12-1881 husband of Susan; marker says he was 74 years, 6 months & 20 days; father of Joe
Powers, Rachel Ann Lambert 1859 19-- Replacement marker; wife of Joe; daughter of William & Nancy Lambert
Powers, Susan Amanda Wilson 1-13-1824 3-5-1886 Wife of Paul ;marker says she was 65 years, 1 month & 20 days; mother of Joe
Prine, Andrew T. 5-15-1887 1-5-1949 Husband of Janie Prine Waltman; son of Andrew Leonard Prine & Eudie Villa Odom
Riordan, Channing Lee
Son of Frank & Margret Riordan, brother of Frandy Riordan Dyson & grandson of Joyce Pierce Riordan
Riordan, Joyce Pierce 4-11-1934 12-15-1971 Daughter of Jerry & Mamie; sister of Katie Pierce Grantham, her children---Elizabeth Diane, Frank David, Samuel Jeremiah Jr, Danny Ray, Rita Faye & Karen Sue.
Roberts, George 10-29-1899 4-27-1960 Husband of Mavis
Roberts, Mavis Dickinson 2-27-1909 1-23-1991 Wife of George; daughter of William F Dickinson & Emma Lewis
Schmitt, Lillie Cahall 9-18-1873 10-4-1944 Wife of Oscar
Schmitt, Oscar Jacob 11-20-1874 8-10-1958 Husband of Lillie Cahall
Simmons, Edward Leroy 8-19-1894 3-26-1986 Husband of Mary Moodie; son of John & Arabella Simmons;
Simmons, Elmer Earl 7-12-1916 11-8-1968 Son of W.E & Julia
Simmons, Nellie Grace
2-25-1904 Infant daughter of W.E. & Julia
Simmons, Julia Harvey 3-12-1879 6-18-1905 Mother of Nellie Grace and Edward; wife of W. E. Simmons
Simmons, Marie Moodie (Jessie Marie) 4-22-1893 2-8-1947 Wife of Edward; daughter of Robert Moodie & Emma Fichthorn
Simmons,  Winfield Scott Jr. 9-25-1911 3-26-1990 Son of Winfield Sr & Abby
Simmons, Winfield H.

No dates

No dates Marker says he was in the Spanish American War; husband of Abby; father of Winfield Jr, Elmer , Lucille; son of John Simmons & Arabella Cahall
Simmons, Ora Edna ***5-28-1922 7-12-1922 Marker says she was 6 weeks & 3 days
Sims, Joy 1-2-1963 1-2-1963 Buried beside Helen S Whatley
Stewart, Rachel Grace Dickinson 5-2-1929 1-6-1965 Daughter of James Dickinson & Eran Boothe
Stokes, Mary Jane (Rigsby) 5-31-1842 2-5-1916 Mother of Henry Cain Sr.
Thompson, Cisney Allen 4-10-1907 12-17-1934 Son of Fredrick & Susie; husband of Sallie Harrington
Thompson, Earnest F. 5-11-1902 1-29-1924 Son of Fredrick & Susie; born in Alabama
Thompson, Fredrick B. 7-18-1861 2-16-1929 Husband of Susie; children—Earnest F, Girtie, & Clarence; he was born in Michigan, parents were from Ireland, these 4 graves are in the row between Robert E Boothe & Vernon Pierce
Thompson,Susie E. 3-3-1880 6-27-1943 Wife of Fredrick; she was born in Alabama; father born in Georgia

Waltman, Janie Kelly Prine

Edith Jane Kelly
7-28-1919 8-20-1990 Daughter of William E & Edith Kelly; wife of  Andrew T  Prine & Alvin Marlow Waltman
Weaver, Karen Sue Riordan 10-19-1964 4-24-1999 Daughter of Joyce Pierce Riordan; children—Jessie & Nicolette
Whatley, Emily Amelia Gartman 1-21-1870 10-10-1918 Wife of Daniel ; married 4-24-1883; daughter of George Gartman & Emily Miller; sister of Catherine Permilla Gartman Cain who is also buried there.
Whatley, Arthur 4-14-1896 12-26-1912 Son of  Daniel & Amelia
Whatley, Daniel 1-11-1855 10-15-1928 Husband of Amellia Gartman; father of Nora Vera Whatley
Whatley, Helen S. 1-6-1901 12-14-1990 Wife of Henry; maiden name may be Sims
Whatley, Henry Brinkman 2-18-1901 5-16-1962 Husband of Helen;  son of Amelia & Daniel
White, Ophelia “Peggy” 2-29-1936 12-23-2002 Wife of Jasper; children—Johnnie Jasper & Hollis Burl
Whitsett, James Edward, “Whit” 4-13-1919 6-24-1986 Son of Sydney & Rachel
Whitsett, Rachel Dickinson 1898 ***5-14-1898 1919 Wife of Sydney; daughter of William & Charity



Unknown #1
Plain cement marker with no writing, next to similar marker
Unknown #2 Plain cement marker with no writing, next to similar marker
Unknown Infant #3 There are 3 of these plain white concrete slabs in a row. They are in the Boothe row, but contain no information.
Unknown Infant #4 See above
Unknown Infant #5 See above
Unknown unmarked #6 No marker but there have been flowers put there
Unknown #7 Plain concrete slab with no writing, in the middle of the cemetery; two spaces to the right of WW Newton
Unknown # 9 Broken marble headstone ; close to the foot of Helen Whatley
Unknown # 10 Cement slab with hand etched words that I can’t make out; could possibly be Baby Johnson or Jones
Unknown # 11 Small concrete marker with no writing
Unknown # 12
Plain concrete slab with concrete flower pot on top; located in bottom left corner of the cemetery; below Debra Lewis
Unknown #13 Plain slab with no writing next to  Leo Moffett; bottom left of cemetery
Unknown #14 Plain concrete slab with no writing next to Robert Moffett
Unknown #16 No headstone, 1st small stob to the left of Alma J Miller
Unknown #17 No headstone, 2nd small stob to the left of Alma Miller
Unknown # 18 Marked only with a piece of concrete block; located in Kidd area
Unknown # 19 Small unmarked block  left of Winfield Simmons Jr
Unknown # 20 Marked only with piece of petrified wood, to the left of Jerris Glenn Boothe
Unknown #21 Marked with a handcut wooden cross with no writing
Unknown #22 Small slab with no writing but has old flowers on it; possibly Davis
Unknown #23 Small broken headstone with no writing to the left of Louise Boothe
Unknown # 24 Plain cement slab with no writing; bottom left corner of cemetery


People who had infants that were possibly buried in Lambert Cemetery:
Cecil & Mary Boothe—unnamed infant died 1936



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