Lisa's Cemetery Site
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Confederate Rest
Magnolia Cemetery

1202 Virginia Street
Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama

In Memory of The Gallant Dead of The
Mobile Rifle Company
1861 - 1865
Go! Watch O'er The Dead In Gray!
Go Guard The Private,--
      And Guard The Cheif
And Sentinel Their Clay,"

Rows 11 through 14

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Confederate Rest List by Last Name

**Facing Confederate Rest from the street, the names read from left to right starting on the front row.**

ROW 19

Mickler, E.--Confederate Soldier

Robertson, N.--Confederate Soldier

Forsyth, J.--Confederate Soldier

Cherry, N. J.--Confederate Soldier

Soloman, J. L.--Confederate Soldier

Freese, S. C.--Confederate Soldier

Greer, J.--Confederate Soldier

McC., David--Confederate Soldier

McVay, J.--Confederate Soldier

Thomas, T.--Confederate Soldier

Sidwell, B.--Confederate Soldier
Glenn, J. M.--Co. I, Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Arnold, J.--Confederate Soldier

Beasley, W. J.--Confederate Soldier

Williams, J.--Confederate Soldier

Clearry, T.--Confederate Soldier

Peeve, J. D.--Co. B, 36th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Renolds, J. A.--Confederate Soldier

Willingham, W.--Confederate Soldier

Crawford, J.--Confederate Soldier

Satton, L.--Confederate Soldier

Stevens, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Dickerson, J. J.--Confederate Soldier

Grandelion, A.--Confederate Soldier

Anderson, C. M.--Confederate Soldier

Merrill, A.--Confederate Soldier

Taylor, A.--Confederate Soldier

Smith, J. H.--Confederate Soldier

Montgomery, J.--Confederate Soldier

Ashford, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Poalling, H.--Confederate Soldier

Lambert, J.--Confederate Soldier

Tally, G.--Confederate Soldier

Tucker, Alex.--Confederate Soldier

Carter, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Browning, S. B.--Co. C, 1st Alabama, C.S.A.

Pickens, Ben.--Confederate Soldier

Sykes, H. H.--Confederate Soldier

Brober, A. D.--Confederate Soldier

Foster, E. W.--Confederate Soldier

Ewbank, John--Confederate Soldier

Page, Marion--Confederate Soldier

McKenney, N.--Confederate Soldier

Brooks, Berry--Confederate Soldier

Burk, Jeremiah--Co. H, 4th Florida Regiment Volunteers, C.S.A.

Wilcut, Robt.--Confederate Soldier

Wood, E. E.--Confederate Soldier

Elliott, G. R.--Confederate Soldier

Goss, James--Confederate Soldier

Simonds, Ed.--Confederate Soldier

Baker, W. R.--Confederate Soldier

Sherrey, E. P.--Confederate Soldier

Livisting, Bird--Confederate Soldier

Brasile, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Langley, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Dyks, Arch.--Confederate Soldier

Foley, Levi--Confederate Soldier

Werborn, Charles--Born: September 1833, Died: 27 April 1890 (Date on the headstone is 1891), Alabama State Artillery  Pic 2
       "Member of the Can't-Get-Away Club, and Torrent Steam Fire Company No. 5. He assisted in the formation of the Alabama State Artillery Veteran's Association,
            and was its president from the beginning until his death."
              The Daily Register, Tuesday, 29 April 1890, pg 4

ROW 18
Unknown Sailor--Confederate Sailor, CSS Alabama Pic 2

Clark, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Green, J. E.--Confederate Soldier

Bond, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Frill, J.--Confederate Soldier

Kamp, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Redgel, W. B.--Confederate Soldier

Foster, F.--Confederate Soldier

Wall, John--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Gray, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Nolany, M.--Confederate Soldier

Famboo, I.--Confederate Soldier

Holly, R.--Confederate Soldier

Sides, W. D.--Confederate Soldier

Stonson, Robt.--Confederate Soldier 

Webb, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Henderson, P. W.--36th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Yarbrough, Henry H.--Died: 05 April 1863, Pvt., Co. B, C, 1st Battalion Alabama Artillery, C.S.A.

Phelps, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Henry, S. B.--Confederate Soldier

Reid, R.--Confederate Soldier

Ramsey, J. L.--Confederate Soldier

McDuffee, E.--Confederate Soldier

Watson, J. H.--Confederate Soldier

McGeehee, J.--Confederate Soldier

Caton, Sid.--Confederate Soldier

James, Robert--Confederate Soldier

Stallman, J.--Confederate Soldier

Moody, F. E.--Confederate Soldier

Kendrick, G.--Confederate Soldier

Nobles, L.--Confederate Soldier

Sellar, W.--Confederate Soldier

Moody, J.--Confederate Soldier

Carmichal, J. B.--Confederate Soldier

Marston, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Fagoon, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Forbs, C. C.--Confederate Soldier

Bostwick, J. R.--3rd Florida C. S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Dodson, G. G.--Confederate Soldier

Gilbert, Joseph W.--Confederate Soldier

Sanbier, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

McKinney, T. B.--Confederate Soldier

Howze, L.--Confederate Soldier

Coleman, J. R.--Confederate Soldier

Collins, B. F.--Confederate Soldier

Snoggat, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Johnston, J. A.--Confederate Soldier

Williams, E.--Confederate Soldier

McGow, W.--Confederate Soldier

Gibbons, T. T.--Confederate Soldier

Waits, J. T.--Confederate Soldier

Webb, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Barnes, J.--Confederate Soldier

Williams, J.--Confederate Soldier

Bond, Nelson--Confederate Soldier

Mimms, W. J.--Confederate Soldier

Slewkam, W. C.--Confederate Soldier

Warren, Sidney A. (Physician)--Born: 1837, Hancock Co. Georgia, Died: 07 July 1862, Mobile, Alabama (located between rows 17 & 18, at the beginning)
    2nd Lieut. Co. F, 33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, C. S. A.
    Memorial Marker, Wesley Chapel UMC. Cemetery Enterprise, Alabama.
    This marker was placed on 26 October 1996, by descendants of his family. ROMANS 8:14

ROW 17

Lambert, E.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Corlein, A. J.--Co. C, 43rd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Davidson, G. P.--60th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Joiner, F. L.--Co. E, 27th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

McGinty, J. J.--Co. I, 35th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Evans, Robt.--Co. D, 40th Georgia Regiment, C. S. A.

Hogan, P. D.--Confederate Soldier

Groves, R. S.--7th Mississippi Battery, C.S.A.

Sanders, H. G.--Co. E, Wall's Texas, C.S.A.

Daniel, J. W.--Co. G, 61st Tennessee Regiment, C. S.A.

Woodward--Co. A, 21st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Register, J.--Co. A, 54th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Murry, F. M.--Co. A, 36th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Tailor, S. F.--Confederate Soldier

Sterling, A.--Confederate Soldier

Bear, Jos.--Confederate Soldier

Clerk, A. C.--Confederate Soldier

Roback, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Reed, W. A.--Confederate Soldier

Brown, H.--Confederate Soldier

Warner, E.--Confederate Soldier

Bristead, E. J.--Confederate Soldier

Flende, C.--Confederate Soldier

Livingston, A.--Confederate Soldier

Jones, J. J.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Frederick, W.--Confederate Soldier

Robertson, J. H.--Confederate Soldier

Hickman, N.--Confederate Soldier

Jonston, C.--Confederate Soldier

Tally, N.--Confederate Soldier

Fernandy, G.--Confederate Soldier

Welsh, J.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Hicks, R. C.--Confederate Soldier

Yames, T. B.--Confederate Soldier

Sweeny, J.--Confederate Soldier

Beck, Mat.--Confederate Soldier

Daniels, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Tucker, E. A.--Confederate Soldier

Ponce, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Mclentis, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Beasly, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Davis, D.--Confederate Soldier

Lambert, T. W.--Confederate Soldier

Roagers, J.--Confederate Soldier

Overstreet, L. C.--Confederate Soldier

Jacobs, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Hightower, J. R.--Confederate Soldier

Fowler, Jas. R.--Confederate Soldier

Hanlin, J. L.--Confederate Soldier

Rodgers, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Babbit, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Hall, Jos.--Confederate Soldier

Cross, T. J.--Confederate Soldier

Gordon, J.--Confederate Soldier

Mosely, B.--Confederate Soldier

Harbin, Wm. R.--Confederate Soldier

Sherrel, L. J.--Confederate Soldier

Warner, S. A.--Lieut., Confederate Soldier

Smith, F. N.--Confederate Soldier

Ballard--Confederate Soldier

ROW 16

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Steadman, Wm.--Co. K, 1st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Worley, T. C.--Co. F., 52nd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Bradley, W. R.--Confederate Soldier

Prichett, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Clairborn, J.--Co. A., W Artillery, C.S.A.

Brewer, P. W.--Co. K, 41st Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Mathews, J.--Confederate Soldier

Lawson, J. B.--Babton's Artillery, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Roberts, J.--Co. I, 60th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Dalrimple, G. L.--Co. D, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Jackson, A. C.--Confederate Soldier

Cash, Wm.--Co. C, 30th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Clements, A. A.--Confederate Soldier

Strickland, J. H.--Confederate Soldier

Goff, T. W.--Confederate Soldier

Grim, P.--Confederate Soldier

Henderson, C. J.--Confederate Soldier

Henery, J.--Confederate Soldier

Solomon, H.--Confederate Soldier

Neil--Confederate Soldier

Wright, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Dorrance, C. W.--Confederate Soldier

Garner, J.--Confederate Soldier

Perimous, J.--Confederate Soldier

Craig, Ben.--Confederate Soldier

Roberts, E.--Confederate Soldier

Hickey, W.--Confederate Soldier

Miller, G.--Confederate Soldier

Niece, William--Confederate Soldier

Dennis, G. D.--Confederate Soldier

Alverson, George--Confederate Soldier

Holder, J.--Confederate Soldier

Gilmore, P.--Confederate Soldier

Gill, John--Confederate Soldier

Yam, W. W.--Confederate Soldier

Maloy, P. W.--Confederate Soldier

Staiger, J.--Confederate Soldier

Gully, R. N.--Confederate Soldier

Bell, Wm. J.--Confederate Soldier

Grant, John--Confederate Soldier

Massey, R.--Confederate Soldier

Parker, J. F.--Confederate Soldier

Carnes, J. F.--Confederate Soldier

Finley, F.--Confederate Soldier

Lawrence, F.--Co. K, 36th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Dunn, John--Confederate Soldier

Buel, H.--Confederate Soldier

Snider, Dan.--Confederate Soldier

Dooley, A. R.--Confederate Soldier

Wilder, H.--Confederate Soldier

Meriam, L. F.--Confederate Soldier

Warner, Hy.--Confederate Soldier

Fauner, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Lambert, F.--Confederate Soldier

Gatewood, J.--Confederate Soldier

Ellison, J. C.--Confederate Soldier

Hoyett, Harvey--Confederate Soldier

Count, W. S.--Confederate Soldier

ROW 15

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

McLane, S.--Co. H, 42nd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Lambert, W. C.--C. S. Marines, C.S.N.

Mattock, L. M.--Co. D, 49th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Muzzle, W. A.--Co. E, 50th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Groves, D. W.--Co. F, 42nd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Boatwright, E.--Co. K, 29th Alabama Regiment, C. S.A.

Harringan, J.--C. S. Navy

Poole, J.--Corp., Co. I, 43rd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Arrington, W.--Co. K, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Graves, G.--Co. E, 27th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Philips, D.--Confederate Soldier

Harris, Isaac--Co. A, 50th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Perce, Wm.--Co. G, 4th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Honeycut, G. A.--Co. D, 36th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Rives, J. W.--Co. H, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Davis, G. B.--Co. A, 9th Arkanasa Regiment, C.S.A.

Coker, W.--25th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Smish, A. J.--C. S. Navy

Allen, M. H.--Co. D, 1st Battalion, C.S.A.

Hays, Hy--Co. C, 67th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Randolph, B. L.--Co. C, Louisiana Artillery, C.S.A.

Carver, M. G.--Co. B, 3rd Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Sawyers, P. P.--Co. B, 53rd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Babb, Wm. C.--1st Tennessee Artillery, C.S.A.

Howe, J.--Co. D, 8th Kentucky Regiment, C.S.A.

Brocker--Corp., 37th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Haley, A. A.--3rd Kentucky Regiment, C.S.A.

Mullins, J.--C. S. Navy

Holland, E. J.--Co. E, 56th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

King, J. M.--Co. F, 1st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Noland, S.--Confederate Soldier

Crowell, J. H.--Capt., Co. C, 60th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

McManus, T. L.--Confederate Soldier

Hicks--Confederate Soldier

Lipp, W. W.--Confederate Soldier

Hutta, J. C.--Confederate Soldier

Carney, Wm. C.--Confederate Soldier

Headly, E. T.--Confederate Soldier

Cooper, O.--Confederate Soldier

Bleckledge, J.--Confederate Soldier

Roy, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Pearson, C. P.--Confederate Soldier

Rooker, L.--Confederate Soldier

Alexander, T. F.--Confederate Soldier

Baird, J.--Confederate Soldier

McLenden, J.--Confederate Soldier

Shely, E. B.--Confederate Soldier

Tubb, John--Confederate Soldier

Edwards, R. S.--Confederate Soldier

Hurdle, A.--Confederate Soldier

Daniel, J. L.--Confederate Soldier

Lawrence, T. J.--Co. D, 36th Alabama, C.S.A.

Carter, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Faulk, R. J.--Confederate Soldier

Moseley, R.--Confederate Soldier

Benton, A. H.--Confederate Soldier

Price, G. D.--Confederate Soldier

Hayes, W. M.--Co. D, 36th Alabama, C.S.A.

Shelton, E. O.--Lieut. Colonel, Confederate Soldier

Finley, G. F.--Confederate Soldier

Oswalt, J.--Confederate Soldier

Rows 11 through 14

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