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Magnolia Cemetery
Rows 01 through 05

Rows 15 through 19
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**Facing Confederate Rest from the street, the names read from left to right starting on the front row.**

ROW 05

McFarland, D.--Co. I, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Burge, Asa--Confederate Soldier

Wens, Jos.--Co. D, 22nd Louisiana, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Shirley, J. H.--Co. D, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Edwards, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Reynolds, Jas.--Davidson's Cavalry, C.S.A.

Wright, A. S.--Co. H, 21st Alabama, C.S.A.

George, Jas.--Co. B, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Covington, W.--Co. D, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Davidson, H.--Co. B, 1st Alabama Battery, C.S.A.

Gorden, A. A.--Co. B, 1st Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.

Hearn, L.--Co. C, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Lindsey, Jno.--Marine, C.S.A.

Proctor, Chas.--Co. C, 2nd Louisiana Artillery, C.S.A.

Gentry, J.--Co. I, 3rd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Remley, J. D.--Co. D, 1st Alabama Battery, C.S.A.

Goodwin, Jas.--1st Alabama Artillery C.S.A.

Vanderslice, D.--Confederate Soldier

Sego, J. W.--Co. K, 4th Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Mosley, F. J.--Co. K, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Smith, Thos.--22nd Louisiana, C.S.A.

Williamson, R.--Co. C, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Clanton, D. C.
--Co. I, 3rd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Moore, H. L.--Confederate Soldier

Leghorn, J. .--Co. F, 21st Alabama, C.S.A.

Walker, W. I.
--Co. C, 8th Mississippi Cavalry, C.S.A.

Shoemaker, G. W.--Co. I, 21st Alabama, C.S.A.

Goodsay, M. M.--Confederate Soldier

Shaw, T.--Co. C, 42nd Alabama, C.S.A.

Black, Jno.--Co. D, 4th Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Whitehead, L.--Co. D, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Cox, J.--Co. H, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Head, D. J.--Co. H, 4th Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Eavans, J.--Co. B, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Hudgins, H. T.--2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Williams, P. W.--Co. I, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Holder, D. W.--Co. C, 2nd Alabama, C.S.A.

Edwards, R. B.--Co. B, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Flanigan, T. L.--Co. K, 8th Mississippi, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

King--Confederate Soldier

Singleton, W.--Confederate Soldier

Reed, J. M.--Co. A, Hughes Battery, C.S.A.

Bickley, Sam--Co. C, 3rd Alabama, C.S.A.

Parkerson, F. D.--Confederate Soldier

Miller, J. C.--Co. G, 6th Alabama, C.S.A.

Kessell, J.--Confederate Soldier

Terry, Nat.--Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Mollignio, J.--Confederate Soldier

Jerminy, A. D.--Confederate Soldier

Davidson, W, R.--Confederate Soldier

Gilchrist, M. J.--3rd Florida, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Childs, J. D.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Mayers, A.--Confederate Soldier

Makoffy, J.--Confederate Soldier

Street, J. C.--Confederate Soldier

Grady, P. H.--Confederate Soldier

Aroman, A.--Confederate Soldier

ROW 04

Wilson, Moses--Co. C, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Wormsed, J.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Holand, S. G.--Capt., 32nd Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Graves, K. C.--Co. G, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Watts, J.--Confederate Soldier

Singleton, W. C.--Co. I, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Miller, Oscar--Co. K, 7th Mississippi, C.S.A.

Casey, A.--Co. E, 38th North Carolina, C.S.A.

Briden, L.--Co. B, 3rd Florida, C.S.A.

Bobenett, J.--Co. I, 1st Mississippi Artillery, C.S.A.

Everidge, Geo.
--Messenberger's Battery, C.S.A.

Hill--Confederate Soldier

Still, H.--Co. B, 1st Mississippi Artillery, C.S.A.

Kenny, J.--Co. F, 16th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Rouk, Fox--Confederate Soldier

Ford, J.
--Co. C, 19th Louisiana, C.S.A.

Finnell, J.--Culpepper's Battery, C.S.A.

McDonald, L. D.--Co. C, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Welsh, Alex--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Villars, D.--Confederate Soldier

Gillen, G.
--Confederate Soldier

McFeeley, Wm.
--Confederate Soldier

Blantler, D. D.--Confederate Soldier

Putman, J.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Markham, J.--Confederate Soldier

Hunter, Ann Tremlett
--Born: 17 September 1804, Died: 28 November 1884 "Wife of Morrison Hunter, Daughter of Judge Harry Toulmin and mother of Harry Hunter,
"Friend of the Soldier and the Poor".

    "When the war closed Mrs. Hunter consecrated her life to the work of commemorating the Confederate dead. She organized the Memorial Association, of when she
        was President from the time of its organization until she died, except one year, when, being in feeble health, Mrs. Percy Walker performed the duties of the Presidency
        in her place. It was largely due to Mrs. Hunter's efforts that money was raised to erect the monument to the Confederate dead at Magnolia Cemetery, and head stones
        provided for the Soldiers' Rest."
The Daily Register, Mobile, Sunday, November 30, 1885
Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4
    Harry and Ann Hunter Headstone

Hunter, Harry--Capt., Confederate Soldier (Son of Morrison and Ann Tremlett, Hunter), Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4

Black, F.--Co. A, 32nd Mississippi, C.S.A.

Lane, W.--Confederate Soldier

Maloy, W. J.--Confederate Soldier

Davis, C. C.-
-Confederate Soldier

Nevitt, B. N.--Confederate Soldier

Acrea, P. C.--Co. A, 8th Tennessee, C.S.A.

Serogen, J.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Roddy, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Collins, C. W.
--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Odom, R.--Confederate Soldier

Hammack, J.--Confederate Soldier

Alford, John B.--Confederate Soldier (Spelled J. Balford on his headstone)

Gordon, J. J.
--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Deason, M. G.--Co. B, 2nd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Craft, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Andine, J.
--Confederate Soldier

Hastings, J. V.--Confederate Soldier

Fraser, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Owens, Sam--Confederate Soldier

ROW 03

Courson, Edward M.--01 March 1841, Died: 07 January 1920, Co. F, 44th Alabama, C.S.A.

Potts, J. K.--Capt., 48th North Carolina Regiment, C.S.A.

Ribley, E.--Co. I, 6th Missouri Regiment, C.S.A.

Hamilton, John--Co. B, 21st Alabama, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Frason, S. L.--Co. F, 22nd Louisiana, C.S.A.

Donnely, J.--25th Louisiana, C.S.A.

Davidson--Confederate Soldier

Schults, J. T.
--Lumsden's Battery, C.S.A.

Ware, H.--Co. H, 21st Alabama, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Caldwell, H. M.--Confederate Soldier

Page, J.--Co. F, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Roscoe, T. W.--Confederate Soldier

Wilkins, G. W.--Co. F, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

George--19th Louisiana, C.S.A.

--Confederate Soldier

Owen, M.--Lockhart's Battery, C.S.A.

Spring, A. J.--Confederate Soldier

Cain, P.--Confederate Soldier

Fisher, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

McKinstry, J.--Confederate Soldier

Calhoun, D. T.
--Confederate Soldier

Clayton, W. A.--Confederate Soldier

Hartly, W. B.--Confederate Soldier

Bradley, M.--Confederate Soldier

Jones, Dan--Confederate Soldier

Clapton, J. C.--Confederate Soldier

Speed, T. T.--Confederate Soldier

Thomas, M. J.--Confederate Soldier

Barns, B.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Walker, H.
--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Lawrence, H.
--Confederate Soldier

Lietzell, M.--Confederate Soldier

Burns, P.--Confederate Soldier

Mayer, H.--Confederate Soldier

Whaley, J.--Confederate Soldier

Browning, W.
--Confederate Soldier

Sansom, J. L.
--Confederate Soldier

Powel, J. L.--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Thrasher, J. W.
--Confederate Soldier

Hardin, H.--Confederate Soldier

Owen, W.
--Confederate Soldier

Burk, T.--Confederate Soldier

Twilly, J. M.--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Beal, H. P.--Confederate Soldier

Douglass, A. M.--Confederate Soldier

Green, J. M.--Confederate Soldier

ROW 02

Sterling, H.--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Miller, I.--Co. B, 58th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Clark, G. W.--Co. F, 1st Mississippi Artillery, C.S.A.

Bordurant, J.--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Parker, W. M.--Co. C, 41st Alabama, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Shirley, Ed.--Confederate Soldier

Thompson, S. M.--Co. E, 18th Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

McEnture, J.--Co. H, 10th Tennessee, Cavalry, C.S.A.

Shannon, M.--Co. I, 1st Mississippi Artillery, C.S.A.

Mills, J. G.--Co. F, 6th Missouri Regiment, C.S.A.

Durret, J. A.-
-Co. E, 18th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Daily, I. A.--Co. A, 38th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Sherard, J. A.--Sgt., Co. B, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Daniels, J. E.
--Co. H, 1st Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Olive, P. H.
--Owen's Battery, C.S.A.

Smith, B. M.--Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Calahan, M.--Confederate Soldier

Lyons, J. P.--Confederate Soldier

Mithorn, J.--Confederate Soldier

Turner, R. H.
--Confederate Soldier

Kenny, Tho.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Andrews, John--Confederate Soldier

Floyd, E.--Confederate Soldier

Reivel, S.--Confederate Soldier

Stevens, H. G.
--Confederate Soldier

Austin, J.--Confederate Soldier

Saunders, S. M.--Confederate Soldier

Woodruff, H. R.--Confederate Soldier

Green, A. B.--Confederate Soldier

Davis, C. H.
--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Craft, P.--Confederate Soldier

Grimes, J.--Confederate Soldier

Leatherwood, C.--Confederate Soldier

Schoirtz, E.--Confederate Soldier

Morris, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Hines, Mort.--Confederate Soldier

Healy--Confederate Soldier

Griffin, P.
--Confederate Soldier

Reynolds, A.--Confederate Soldier

Woodward, J.--Confederate Soldier

ROW 01

Bragg Monument
Bragg, Braxton--Born in Warrenton, North Carolina 22 March 1817, Died in Galveston, Texas 27 September 1876 Pic 2

Bragg, Eliza Brooks Ellis--Born in Adams County, Died: 02 September 1868 (wife of Braxton Bragg)

Oladowski, H.--Died Columbus Ga. 15 August 1878, aged 79 years, "Col., Confederate Soldier" Pic 2

Gould, Michael, Sanders
--Born: 14 November 1837, Died: 03 September 1863, Co. E, 29th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.

Ligon, W. H.--19th Louisiana, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Robuck, James, M. M.
--Confederate Soldier

Moseley, A. M.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Wood, Isaac--Confederate Soldier

Ayers, Wm.--Co. B, 10th Texas, C.S.A.

Spear, B. B.
--Confederate Soldier

King, Thos--Confederate Soldier

Deason, W. M.-
-Confederate Soldier

Leden, Manl.--Confederate Soldier

Cook, W. J.--Confederate Soldier

Clark, J.
--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Lewis, J. R.
--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Stanley, W. J.
--Confederate Soldier

Parham, J. M.--Confederate Soldier

Lott, Mark--Confederate Soldier

Albright, A. G.--Confederate Soldier

Bashton, J.
--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Milan, J. C.
--Confederate Soldier

Moore, J. A.--Confederate Soldier

Satterfield, J. T.--Confederate Soldier

Kelly, James--Confederate Soldier

Kemp, J. H.--Confederate Soldier

Dobbins, Jos.
--Confederate Soldier

Mooney, J.
--Confederate Soldier

McDaniel, W.--Confederate Soldier

Beck, Kale--Confederate Soldier

Pippen, H.--Confederate Soldier

Stewart, J. R.--Confederate Soldier

Yurkees, J. T.
--Confederate Soldier

Johnson, J. N.--Confederate Soldier

Wood, W.--Confederate Soldier

Tate, J. B.
--Confederate Soldier

Morgan, S. B.--Confederate Soldier

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