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**Facing Confederate Rest from the street, the names read from left to right starting on the front row.**

ROW 14

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

King, B.--Confederate Soldier

Miller, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Murphy, J.--Confederate Soldier

Addich, J. H.--Co. B, 42nd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Philips, H. C.--Sheldon's Battery, C.S.A.

Galaway, E.--Co. B, 10th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Morris, T. J.--Lieut., Co. C, 48th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Long, J.--C.S. Navy

Rusell, T.--Co. C, 53rd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Burrough, F.--Co. A, 3rd Florida Regiment, C.S.A.

Hargrow, M.--Co. H, 11th Artillery, C.S.A.

Warner, G. W.--Co. B, 17th Alabama, C.S.A.

Hardin, E.--Co. I, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Emerick, Isaac--Co. F, 29th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Estes, B. A.--Co. E, 53rd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Mullins, J. M.--Co. B, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Richardson, J.--Co. K, 28th Arkansas Regiment, C.S.A.

Beard, J. S.--Co. F, 2nd Texas Regiment, C.S.A.

Dortnese, L.--Confederate Rest

Nealy, H.--Co. H, 1 Louisiana Artillery, C.S.A.

Jeffcoat, D. G.-
-Co. K 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Gowin, J. A.--Lieut., Confederate Soldier

Eaton, Jos.--Co. D, 52nd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

McAlister, C.--Co. C, 2nd South Carolina, Regiment, C.S.A.

Denny--Corp., Co. C, 5th Missouri Regiment, C.S.A.

Richie, Wm.--Corp. Artillery, C.S.A.

Walker, J.-
-Confederate Soldier

Ribley, E.--6th Missouri Regiment, C.S.A.

Gray, Zack--Co. H, 40th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Mosely, J. B.--Co. C, 43rd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Huckaby, J. R.--Co. H, 21st Artillery Regiment, C.S.A.

--Corp., Co. D, 30th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Greenwood, W.--Confederate Soldier

McVay, R.--Confederate Soldier

Fincher, W.--Confederate Soldier

Brown, W. F.--Confederate Soldier

Everett, H. R.--Confederate Soldier

Ward, J. A.--Confederate Soldier

Freeman, E. M.--Confederate Soldier

Thompson, J.--Confederate Soldier

Wilson, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Newman, J. A.--Confederate Soldier

Mimms, And.--Confederate Soldier

Smith, Robt.--Confederate Soldier

Bobe, Isaac--Confederate Soldier

Hodson, W. G.--Confederate Soldier

Cutting, O. O.--Co. A, Mobile Continentals, C.S.A.

Neffe, S.--Confederate Soldier

Rissiah, W.--Confederate Soldier

Gibson, H. W.--Confederate Soldier

House, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

McCithern, J. J.--Confederate Soldier

Prince, J. E.--Confederate Soldier

Morley, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Hocton, V. S.--Confederate Soldier

Dean, M. A.--Confederate Soldier

Snider, G.--Confederate Soldier

Lee, J. C.--Confederate Soldier

Permenton, E.--Confederate Soldier

Kinney, Pat.--Confederate Soldier 

Clements, T.
--Confederate Soldier

Miller, G. W.--Co. B, 21st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

ROW 13

Johnston, E. L.--1st Lieut., 2nd Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Newton, Edm.--Confederate Soldier

Wall, John--Co. D, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Metz, P.--Confederate Soldier

Shirvey, Dan--Co. A, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Down, W. O.--Co. C, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Cameron, D. C.--Lieut., Co. K, 53rd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Hughes, J. W.--Co. C, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Whiteside, Wm.--Co. C, 48th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Montgomery, A.--Lt. Artillery, C.S.A.

Cuthbert, D.--Co. A, 1st Texas Regiment, C.S.A.

Evans, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Rayburn, W. F.--Co. I, 4th Louisiana. Regiment, C.S.A.

Williamson, J. A.-
-35th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Jackson, J.--Co. I, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Walton, J.--Co. E, 2nd Battalion Artillery, C.S.A.

Arneau, T.--Co. E, 54th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Morgan, J.--Co. A, 9th Arkansas Regiment, C.S.A.

Turner, W.--Co. B, 16th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Moody, Jas.--Co. C, 1st Arkansas Regiment, C.S.A.

Briden, Lew--Co. B, 3rd Florida Regiment, C.S.A.

King, J. M.--Confederate Soldier

Samson, P. G.--Co. K, 1st Missouri Regiment, C.S.A.

Allen, J. P.--Co. F, 2nd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Heatley, J. W.--10th Missouri Artillery, C.S.A.

Freeman, R. D.-
-Confederate Soldier

Norris, Eli--Co. B, 4th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Gilless, C.--C.S. Navy

Blakeley, H.--Co. B, 61st Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Nelson, J. J.--Co. C, 56th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Walton, G.--Co. E, 2nd Battalion Artillery, C.S.A.

Hulse, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

McVerry, R.--Confederate Soldier

Ryan, Michael--Confederate Soldier

Banks, E.--Confederate Soldier

Hickman, S.--Confederate Soldier

Hillard, W. A.
--Confederate Soldier

Rigley, L.--Confederate Soldier

Blocker, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Gatlin, H. P.
--Co. F, 36th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Wilson, Jas.--Confederate Soldier

Buffington, C. J.--Confederate Soldier

Buckwash, B.--Confederate Soldier

Higdon, Tr.--Confederate Soldier

Griffin, D.
--Confederate Soldier

Donaldson, W.--Confederate Soldier

Collins, G. W.--Confederate Soldier

Adiock, A.--Cofederate Soldier

Powell, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Davis, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Citchiley, W. H.--Confederate Soldier

Cole, Jas. M.--Confederate Soldier

Douglas, Geo.
--Confederate Soldier

Jones, Britten
--Confederate Soldier

Barber, Thos. P.
--Confederate Soldier

Sutterfield, R. W.--Confederate Soldier

Carty, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Henderson, B.--Confederate Soldier

Scott, J.--Confederate Soldier

Doherty, Pat.--Confederate Soldier

Hornsby, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Stagg, J. W.
--Confederate Soldier

Campbell, J. J.--Co. A, 1st Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

ROW 12

Gilliland, H. L.--Co. H, 58th Alabama, C.S.A.

Rider, M.--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Brewer, W. P.--Co. I, 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Crawford, J. C.--Co. H, 55th Tennessee, C.S.A.

Kembell, B.
--Co. H, 22nd Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

White, W. C.--Co. B, 14th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Johnston, W. V.--Co. E, 35th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Summers, J. W.--Co. E, 55th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Perris, Joseph--Winston's Battery, C.S.A.

Nix, J. M.--Co. D, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Murphy, J. J.--Co. H, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Hall, J. H.--Co. F, 21st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Harper, D. C.--Co. A, 21st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Parker, J. C.--Co. I, 4th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Haynes, T. C.
--Co. C, 21st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Cooper, Wm.--Co. H, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Fulkerson, T. K.-
-Co. C, 60th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Fail, B.--Co. B, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Gorman, Ben--Co. H, 29th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Dayton, J.--Co. A, 4th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Sheals, L.--Co. C, 40th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Higgins, J. T.--Co. I, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Barnes, R. J.--Co. H, 17th Alabama Reserves, C. S.A.

Brewer, P.--Confederate Soldier

Gibson, P. F.--Co. H, 26th South Carolina Regiment, C.S.A.

Brown, S.--26th Mississippi, C.S.A.

Christian, A. M.
--Co. C, 52, Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.

Wilson, T.--Confederate Soldier

Bramer, P. E.--Co. C, 40th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Scott, Wm.--Co. K, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Galagher, T.--Confederate Soldier

Harvey, Geo.--Co. G, 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A.

Barlow, R.--Co. D, 7th Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.

Miller, A.--Co. I, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Sherer, John--Co. D, 1st Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Eliot, B. F.--Co. E, 7th Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.

Schule, H. P.--Confederate Soldier

Klumpeter, L.--Co. E, 30th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Higgins, B.--Co. D, 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A.

Bobinett, L.--Confederate Soldier

Mansfield, B.--General Polk's Scout, C.S.A.

Rhodeland, G.--Co. D, 10th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Gordew, L.--Confederate Soldier

Grogan, F.--Confederate Soldier

May, P.--Confederate Soldier

Patty, H.--Confederate Soldier

Bell, John--Confederate Soldier

Anderson, H.--Confederate Soldier

Joungleord, N. J.--Confederate Soldier

Davis, W. M.--Confederate Soldier

Pratt, W. W.--Confederate Soldier

Smithe, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Edwards, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Willman, E.--Confederate Soldier

Hobbs, B.--Confederate Soldier

Marsh, Thos.--Confederate Soldier

Myhon, J.--Confederate Soldier

Jackson, B. F.--Confederate Soldier

Hobbs--Confederate Soldier

ROW 11

Milton, J. G.--Co. A, 55th Tennessee, C.S.A.

Wallace, T.--Co. K, 6th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Malone, R. F.--Co. C, 55th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Harris, H. O.--Co. K, 49th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Delacruz, P.--Confederate Soldier

Custles, J. G.--Co. E, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

McFinley, J.--Co. H, 1st Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Geesland, W.
--Co. H, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Crooker, F. J.--Co. D, 36th Mississippi, C.S.A.

Milton, W. N.--Co. E, 1st Mississippi, C.S.A.

Exuma, H.--Engineer Corps., C.S.A.

Mansker, D. M.--Confederate Soldier

Avery, Ben--Clanton's Battery, C.S.A.

Loneger, J. E.--Co. D, 4th Louisiana Regiment, C.S.A.

Sellars, A.--Co. G, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

McCalebb, C. B.--Co. B, 35th Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.

Hamilton, A. B.--Co. G, 5th Texas Regimetn, C.S.A.

Seafee, Joel
--Co. F, 17th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Smith, F. D.--Co. A, 37th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Bush, Levi--Co. A, 3rd Alabama Reserves, C.S.A.

Unknown--Confederate Soldier

Brown, F.--Confederate Soldier

Hall, John--Co. E, 29th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Woodell, H.--Co. B, 7th Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.

Buffington, T. R.--Co. G, 5th Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.

McGrath, W.--Sgt., Co. B, 5th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Ballard, B.--Co. E, 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A.

Flood, P.--Wash Artillery, C.S.A.

Sanders, Ed--Confederate Soldier

Baker, J. J.--Sgt., Co. F, 42nd Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Holland, W. J.--55th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Leary, D.--Confederate Soldier

Williams, J.--Co. B, 49th Tennessee Regiment, C.S.A.

Hanes, J.--Confederate Soldier

Richburgh, J.--Confederate Soldier

Christian, Wm.
--Confederate Soldier

Studvant, J.--Confederate Soldier

Peterson, J.--Confederate Soldier

Jones, J. D.--Confederate Soldier

Harris, T. B.--Confederate Soldier

Hauger, J. W.--Confederate Soldier

Day, John--Confederate Soldier

Robertson, Wm.--Confederate Soldier

Fowler, P.--Confederate Soldier

White, Steve--Confederate Soldier

Myhon, J.--Confederate Soldier

Brasell, A.--Confederate Soldier

--Confederate Soldier

Taylor, John--11th Louisiana Artillery, C.S.A.

Rows 06 through 10

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